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New SmogHog® Media Mist Collector is a PEACH of a System

When it comes to clean air solutions in tough environments like metalworking operations, there is no better known name than SmogHog®. Air Solutions is proud to partner with this trusted innovator in mist collection technologies for effective air cleaning and machine fluid recycling applications. The new SmogHog SHM is a self-contained mist collector that can […]

Moffitt Natural Ventilation Solutions

Air Solutions is proud to partner with Moffitt Corporation to develop highly effective natural ventilation solutions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling allows Moffitt ventilation specialists to predict air flow and heat transfers within an area by analyzing of heat movement. Using this information, they are able to design more effective and efficient ventilation systems. Moffitt […]

The Power of CFD Modeling

Discover how your facility ventilation can change before committing. At Air Solutions, we love to use modern technology while working for clients. Not only are we fascinated by the sheer capabilities of today, technology can save us hours of labor while minimizing risks.  If you’ve worked with us in the past we may have use […]

Air Solutions Reviews Americraft Industrial Ventilation Equipment

Since 1998, Air Solutions has been supplying Americraft industrial ventilation equipment to customers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Over that time, we’ve been impressed with their high-quality products and top-notch customer service. They are a company that was founded on humble values with two brother, Edward and Albert Blanz, back in 1946. Surprisingly starting […]