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Air Solutions is your source for air knives blow off systems for a broad range of manufacturing applications. Air knives are used for the removal of liquids, control of liquid thickness, drying of liquid coatings, removal of foreign particles, cooling of product surfaces, and more. The Air Solutions team has vast experience in air knives applications and will assist you in implementing the system that best meets your needs and budget.

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Air Solutions offers superior air knife systems with proven efficiencies with a design that produces the best laminar flow, moving more air over critical surfaces. We work with you to understand your needs and to deliver an affordable, high quality solution for your specific application.

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Air Knives

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Air knives are engineered to provide high velocity air for drying and blow off applications while being energy efficient. The standard air knives have a continuous, uninterrupted air slot design that provides consistent air coverage over the project area. This makes air knives ideal for a number application across an array of industries. Some example applications include:

  • Water and chemicals can be sheared from surfaces after washing
  • After cutting or machining, debris and scrap is effectively removed from metal, wood, cardboard, plastic and other surfaces
  • After applying coatings to parts, foods, etc, excess coating can be sheared off to evenly distribute the coating
  • Chemicals and flux can be removed from printed circuit boards

Nozzle Manifold

Nozzle Manifolds

Paxton Nozzle Manifolds are excellent for applications that require a farther than typical distance between the manifold and surface that needs to be dried or blown off. Nozzle Manifolds maintain thrust as far away as 18 inches.

Some example application situations includes:

  • applications requiring air with a concentrated high thrust
  • applications where it is critical to mount the air delivery devices more than 5 inches from the blow off surface
  • conveyors with a variety of items with various sizes and shapes
  • products that have a multi-faceted surface to dry
  • products with nooks, crannies or holes

Inline Manifolds

The Inline Manifold is perfect for drying the tops of cans and other products thoroughly. The Inline Manifold has six nozzles targeted on the top surface of the product and is available with either a polypropylene manifold or a 316 stainless steel manifold, both with Loc-Line nozzles.

Nozzle Manifold

Nozzle Manifold

Spyder Manifolds

A Spyder Manifold is the most efficient system for drying tipcs, sides and under the rim of cans, bottles and jars. Spyder Manifolds are similar to inline nozzles with the addition of “spider-like” arms that flex to any position to target air under and around products to unique shapes for efficient drying needs. The Spyder Arms easily adjust to different sizes and shapes, for multi-purpose lines.

Nozzle ManifoldNozzle Manifold

Centrifugal Blowers

Paxton Centrifugal Blowers offer highly efficient solutions for process air, drying and vacuum applications. A Paxton’s centrifugal blower return on investment is usually about one year. Available in sizes from 3hp up to 20hp, Paxton offers two series of belt-driven centrifugal blowers, as well as the 20hp direct drive Pure Air Blower.

All Paxton Products come with a three year warranty.

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