Clean Air Fans

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Clean Air Fans
Clean Air Fans

Air Solutions offers a versatile selection of clean air fans for a broad range of industrial applications.

  • Airfoil fans are designed to move high volumes of clean air at low-to-medium static pressures. Airfoil fan blades are backwardly inclined and aerodynamically designed; one of the most efficient centrifugal fans.
  • Backward-inclined fans offer lower sound levels and energy costs in clean air applications; fan impeller designed for high operating efficiency and high mechanical strength in its specific blade angles
  • Centrifugal plug fan is used in ovens and dryers to circulate clean air and eliminate cold spots; also good in dust collector applications
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In addition to providing clean air to help cool or ventilate interior spaces, clean air fans can also help exhaust contaminated or hot air created in industrial applications.

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Clean Air Fans Product Specifications

Cincinnati Fan (expandcollapse)

Product Model CFM SPWG Temp
Heavy Duty Backward Inclined Blowers HDBI up to 51,965 up to 25” 750° F
Heavy Duty Airfoil Blowers HDAF up to 48,551 up to 21” 750° F
Square Backward Inclined Blowers SQBI up to 28,141 up to 23” 750° F
Square Airfoil Blowers SQAF up to 27,985 up to 17” 750° F
Centrifugal Plug Fans CPF up to 26,992 up to 25” 800° F
Airfoil Plug Fans CPAF up to 28,600 up to 18” 800° F
Pressure Blowers PB up to 4,500 up to 20” 400° F
Fabricated Steel Pressure Blowers PBS up to 4,462 up to 20” 750° F
Stamped Steel Pressure Blowers SPB up to 4,075 up to 18” 400° F
High Pressure Radial Blowers HP Series I up to 1,200 up to 30” 400° F
High Pressure Radial Blowers HP Series II up to 7,000 up to 78” 750° F
Cast Aluminum Volume Blowers LM & LMF up to 2,000 up to 4” 300° F
Aerovent (expandcollapse)

Product Model CFM SPWG
CPLF Plenum Fan CPLF up to 170,000 up to 10”
CPLFN Plenum Fan CPLFN up to 170,000 up to 10”
CPLQ Plenum Fan CPLQ up to 170,000 up to 12”
CPLQN Plenum Fan CPLQN up to 170,000 up to 12”
High Efficiency Plug Fan CPG up to 76,000 up to 12”
Backward Inclined Utility Blower BIUB up to 29,100 up to 8”
Turbo Pressure Blower, Aluminum Wheel HPBA up to 20,000 up to 128”
Turbo Pressure Blower, Steel Wheel HPBS up to 20,000 up to 128”
Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower, Direct Driven CA up to 2,800 up to 20”
Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower, Belt Driven CABD up to 2,400 up to 22”
Spencer (expandcollapse)

Product Model ICFM Max Pressure Max Vacuum
Single Stage Fabricated Blower SS up to 50,000 up to 3.5 PSIG
Multistage Fabricated Centrifugal Blower SOH, 4BOH, 4BOB up to 25,000 up to 20 PSIG to 15” Hg
Power Mizer® Cast Centrifugal Blower Power Mizer® up to 40,000 up to 20 PSIG to 15” Hg
Vortex Regenerative Blower VB up to 600 up to 3.6 PSIG to 7.6” Hg

Air Solutions will assist you in selecting the right clean air fan and developing a system that will be suited to your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.