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Multistage Fan

Air Solutions offers an extensive line of fabricated multistage fans in a variety of styles and models for a wide range of air/gas services in industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal applications. The three basic designs are:

  • Standard overhung – impellers mounted on extended motor shaft
  • Four-bearing overhung – impellers mounted on shaft coupled to motor shaft
  • Four-bearing outboard – impellers mounted on shaft supported at both ends by self-aligning ball bearings, coupled to motor shaft
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These fabricated multistage fans are manufactured using heavy gauge, cold-rolled sheet steel with a tensile strength of 50,000 psi, which is welded and reinforced for durability. A cast multistage fan is also available for heavy-duty process applications requiring high efficiency air delivery.

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Multistage Fans Product Specifications

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Product Model ICFM Max Pressure Max Vacuum
Multistage Fabricated Centrifugal Blower SOH, 4BOH, 4BOB up to 25,000 up to 20 PSIG to 15” Hg
Power Mizer® Cast Centrifugal Blower Power Mizer® up to 40,000 up to 20 PSIG to 15” Hg

Air Solutions will assist you in selecting the right multistage fan and developing a system that will be suited to your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.