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Air Solutions will assist you in implementing advanced explosion protection systems. We bring you the most trusted names for dependable air movement equipment, and our application experience includes installations in a variety of industries. Our line includes explosion protection systems for venting, suppression, isolation, and testing.

A wide range of industrial processes have the potential for a dust explosion. In processes that involve filtration, heating, milling, or spraying of combustible material, explosion may occur. Explosive material in a confined and unprotected process volume, a deflagration can trigger leading to an immediate overpressure and flame ball.

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Air Solutions proudly offers explosion protection products from BS&B and Boss Products.

  • Industrial explosion protection
  • Explosion isolation valves
  • Flameless venting
  • Explosion suppression
  • Explosion diverters
  • Abort gates
  • Building duct vents
  • Chemical explosion isolation
  • Mechanical explosion isolation
  • Spark detection and extinguishing

The Air Solutions team will provide an explosion risk assessment that will typically recommend that a series of protection measures be implemented, which may include investment in protection equipment. The implementation of protection technology requires that the constraints of the process equipment, facilities, environment, and budgets are considered in achieving the personnel safety goals required by codes and standards.

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Air Solutions is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in implementing a reliable explosion protection system. We offer you the added value of a customer centered approach, focused on serving your application requirements. Contact us to discuss your project.