Managing Combustible Dust

Combustible dust is any dust that has a high probability of igniting an explosion. This includes dust and particulate generated by a wide array of processes. In manufacturing and industrial environments, process dust collects on surface areas like ceilings, rafters, duct, and equipment very quickly. When the dust is combustible, this accumulation creates an environment that is highly flammable and explosive. Activity within the area can disturb or ignite combustible dust, leading to an explosion, catastrophic loss of life, injuries, and destruction.

Common Types of Material that can Become Combustible:

  • Agricultural Products and Dust (Sugar, Powdered Milk, Wheat Grain)
  • Carbonaceous Dusts (examples: Charcoal, Cellulose, Corn)
  • Chemical Dusts (Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Stearate, Sulfur)
  • Metal Dusts (Aluminum, Bronze, Iron)
  • Plastic Dusts (Epoxy Resin, Melamin, Vinyl)

Combustible Dust Equipment from Air Solutions

Industrial processes like filtration, heating, milling, or spraying of combustible material create a potential risk for a dust explosion. When explosive material is confined in an unprotected process volume, a deflagration can trigger, leading to overpressure and flame ball.
The Air Solutions team will provide a combustible dust explosion risk assessment and recommend a systems approach that involves dust collection, an isolation valve, chemical suppression, and any other necessary system elements. The system is customized to work within the constraints of the application process equipment, facilities, environment, and project budget, while meeting all safety goals required by codes and standards.
Air Solutions proudly offers combustible dust management technology from BS&B and Boss Products, including:

  • Industrial explosion protection
  • Explosion isolation valves
  • Flameless venting
  • Explosion suppression
  • Explosion diverters
  • Abort gates
  • Building duct vents
  • Chemical explosion isolation
  • Mechanical explosion isolation
  • Spark detection and extinguishing

Air Solutions is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in implementing a reliable combustible dust management system. We offer you the added value of a customer centered approach, focused on serving your application requirements. Contact us to discuss your project.