Ionized Air Rinsing Systems

Air Solutions is your source for high efficiency air rinsing systems that use ionized air for the removal of dust and particulate in a variety of manufacturing applications. These systems are ideal for cleaning the outside of bottles, cans, packages, or other containers after packaging with dusty materials. They are also highly effective for eliminating dirt, debris, and contaminants from industrial parts prior to powder coating and other finishing processes.

The Air Solutions team has knowledgeable experience in ionizing rinsing system applications and will assist you in implementing the system that best meets your needs and budget.

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Paxton Ionizing Rinsing Systems

Ionizing Can Rinser 5

Ionizing Rinsing Systems from Paxton effectively and efficiently remove particulates, dirt and debris from targeted surfaces using Paxton’s air delivery systems and industry-leading centrifugal blowers. Paxton’s Ionizing Rinsing Systems are designed to dissipate the static charges that cause dirt, dust, and contaminants to adhere to surfaces, and then air blast the contaminants away using ultra-efficient, blower-driven air.

This innovative approach sets the standard for a new generation of static elimination and air rinsing. Increase performance while reducing maintenance, and if eliminating compressed air systems, reduce energy usage by as much as 80%.

Benefits of Paxton Air Rinsing

  • Prevent particles and dust from adhering to inside or outside of container walls
  • Effect a surface free of dirt, dust, and particles to improve the surface finish
  • Reduce risk of microbiological growth caused by moisture in water rinses
  • Eliminate potential for water and oil contamination caused by compressed air
  • Significantly reduce energy usage by eliminating compressed air
  • Airflow neutralizes static charges to release contaminants from product surfaces
  • Improved durability and performance compared to externally-mounted ionizing bars
  • Eliminate water rinsing and reduce filtration, drying and water disposal costs
  • Emitter points are contained within the Nozzle Manifold and/or Air Knife to promote durability, safety, and a consistently clean ionizing manifold

Ionizing Bottle Air Rinser

Ionizing bottle rinser 4

Rinsing with ionized air requires no water or compressed air. The Paxton system successfully qualifies under all common test media:  styrodot, cardboard dust, and various debris.  

  • Available for both high speed and low speed lines
  • Qualified for plastic and glass bottles, ranging in size from 8 oz to 2 liters