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Air Solutions provides energy-efficient make-up air units from Weather-Rite. Whether you need heated or non-heated make-up air, we have a unit to supply the fresh air needed in your facility or process area. We also have experience in developing natural draft or gravity ventilation systems for obtaining clean air flow.

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Aerovent Direct-Fired Gas  make-up units are a comprehensive air supply system that contain a fan, burner, and controls. These complete packages are ready for connection to the gas line and power source. Air Solutions knows these systems are great choices when supplying tempted outside air to the system. They are ideal for a range of industrial applications.


Aerovent Direct-Fired Gas make-up units are a dependable and safe choice when looking for complete air supply systems. These units are great for tempering outside air and supplying into buildings for ventilation. These units are also adaptable to other applications where ordinary heating or drying operations are involved. They are also available in axial and centrifugal types.


Aerovent Steam Air make-up units has a tube coil design that gives proper temperature distribution to the system. This allows for better against protection freezing and allows the tubes to expand without causing stress on the tubes. Aerovent offers both propeller and centrifugal models for their steam air units. The centrifugal unit is available with backward inclined or forward curved airfoil blades. Units come assembled and include fan, coil, vacuum breaker, and motorized shutter.S-SACSW-SACDW

Aerovent Spray Type Air Cooler is an enclosure containing three elements: a spray bank consisting of nozzles for producing a fine spray from water supplied to them under pressure, an eliminator for removing water from air passing through the air cooler, and a basin for collecting the used water to be returned to the pump for recirculation.

This single device is capable of performing several functions depending upon how the thermodynamic condition of the water is controlled. If we recirculate water and pass outside air through the air cooler we have an evaporative cooler. The recirculated water will stabilize at near the wet bulb temperature, and the temperature difference between the entering and leaving air will approach the wet bulb depression. This same cooler can work as a highly efficient heat absorber when provided with chilled water from a mechanically refrigerated chiller or from a well (well water temperature 55°F (12.7°C) or lower).

Spray Type Air Cooler


Make Up Air unit
Make Up Air unit

The Weather-Rite™ XT is an energy efficient, direct fired make up air unit that is available from 1,000 – 60,000 CFM. Through effective pressurization, this make up air unit will improve ventilation or exhaust, as well as provide heating for a facility. Additional benefits include:

  • More consistent temperatures and less stratification
  • Greater cost savings with 100% heat delivery
  • Improved air quality – helps dilute airborne contaminants
  • Augment existing ventilation system to enhance performance

The Weather-Rite™ IDF is a gas indirect-fired air handler for heating or cooling a facility. Cooling options include evaporative or mechanical DX coolers. This make up air system can also serve as a cure heater for commercial vehicle finishing. Additional benefits include:

  • Three or four pass heat exchangers for high efficiency
  • Discharge air free of combustible by-products
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction; finish coated to protect against corrosion
  • Designed to keep critical components out of airstream for longer wear

Air Solutions is here to help with your make up air system needs.

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