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Industrial Cartridge filters

Air Solutions is your source for industrial cartridge filters from United Air Specialists, leading manufacturer of clean air technology. We are proud to represent UAS for enhanced performance and efficiency in a wide range of air filtration applications for processes in a variety of industries. When you work with the Air Solutions team, you gain the added value of our extensive experience and industry expertise. We will make sure you get the most from your dust collection system.

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United Air Specialists Industrial Cartridge Filters

United Air Specialists, Inc.
The MERV 15 rated Protura® Nanofiber cartridge filter is developed to deliver the best performance, efficiency, and value. Proven 95% efficient on .03 to 1.0 micron size dust, these filters also have fibers that are about 50% finer than other cartridge filters.

A fine web-like coating of fibers on the surface of the cartridge filter media, Nanofiber technology delivers higher initial efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop and greater energy savings than commodity filter media. This layer keeps dust on the surface of the filter so it can be easily removed during the compressed air cleaning cycle. Benefits from these industrial cartridge filters include advantages such as:

  • Capture of submicron particle – for a cleaner and safer environment
  • Superior surface-loading technology – enhanced release for extended life
  • Better cleaning efficiency – fewer pulses and less compressed air usage
  • Lower pressure drop – lowers overall energy cost

Air Solutions will assist you in selecting an industrial cartridge filter that will be suited to your specific application needs.

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