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Air Solutions can help you implement an industrial HVAC system that will meet your facility needs and budget. We represent the most trusted names for industrial HVAC systems and equipment. Our team will work with you to assess your specific needs, goals and budget. Employing the benefit of our application experience spanning a variety of industries, we will specify the best air handling solutions for a wide range of customers. Our industrial HVAC systems include effective and efficient make up air systems.

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Moffitt Corporation Industrial HVAC Products

Air Solutions is proud to partner with Moffitt Corporation to bring you highly effective Eagle Series solutions for industrial HVAC needs.

  • Moffitt Vent – designed with internal drain gutters and downspouts to redirect incoming rainwater and keep it out of the building irrespective of wind speed and intensity. The Moffitt Vent is engineered to withstand winds up to 130 MPH at grade and can be designed to meet job specific local building codes for wind and snow.
  • Labyrinth Natural Louvered Vent – aerodynamically designed baffles and louvers provide reliable weatherproof ventilation. The ventilator captures rainwater and drains it away through side channels. This aluminum construction ventilator is low-profile and compact to minimize wind load impact.
  • Green Roo® – designed to provide air movement at a greater volume and rate through its turbine wind vent. Light weight construction results in little wind load on the roof for easier and less costly construction.
  • WCO Weathered Clear Opening Ventilator – this louvered ventilator acts as a smoke control device and natural ventilator. Designed for maximum weather resistance, the WCO and be employed for air intake or exhaust.
  • ECO Environmentally Controlled Opening – Rugged design helps reduce maintenance expenses, while the use of natural ventilation help lower the operating costs. It may be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between to meet a variety of ventilation needs.
  • LPV Low Profile Vent – engineered to provide superior air-flow capacity levels and easier installation, while still offering minimal roof load and wind load.

Air Solutions is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you with all of your industrial HVAC needs. We offer you the added value of a customer centered approach, focused on serving your application requirements.

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