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Air Solutions specializes in air movement applications and equipment. We have extensive experience in working with applications in a variety of industries. We represent the leading names in supply fans to offer you the best selection of reliable solutions. We offer you the added value of industry expertise and customer centered service focused on meeting your application needs.

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Supply Fans by Manufacturer

Cincinnati Fan

  • Most types and models, with most accessories, are shipped within 10-15 working days. Some models available on a 5 Day RUSH program, spark resistant, cast aluminum propellers standard
  • All aluminum or all stainless steel construction available
  • All types, models and sizes available with multiple propellers for wider range of air flows to meet exact requirements
  • Heavy duty, industrial components and continuous duty motors ensure long lasting operation minimizing equipment down time
  • Belt driven models utilize wider spacing between the fan bearings, which increases the bearing life before replacements are needed


  • Aerovent has a variety of supply fans designed for heavy duty exhaust and well suited for continuous use
  • Aerovent hooded supply fans are high capacity,general supply or exhaust units well suited to applications that require the quiet and efficient movement oflarge volumes of air in both commercial and industrial environments
  • Features both direct driven and belt drien fans
  • Aerovent has an AMCA Certified lab where numerous supply fans have been AMCA licensed for sound, air and fan efficiency grade


  • Belt driven roof supply fans, hooded with weatherproof enclosure
  • Hooded supply fans for providing filtered make-up air
  • Wall fans in supply configuration
  • Direct driven high pressure supply fans
  • Quiet operation supply fans
  • Protective coating available for corrosion resistance
  • Supply fans designed to meet OSHA requirements


  • Make-up air in medium to high-pressure, high-volume applications
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • General ventilation and spot ventilation
  • High efficiency operation, minimal maintenance cost
  • Fiberglass supply fans for chemical resistance in hostile environments
  • Hooded roof fans, hooded supply fans, filtered supply fans, axial wall fans, axial up-blast fans

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Supply Fan Product Specifications

Cincinnati Fan (expandcollapse)

Product Model CFM SPWG Air Stream Temp
Direct Driven Industrial Supply Fan PF up to 38,650 up to ¾” 104° F
Direct Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan DDF up to 40,654 up to 2.6” 104° F
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan WAF up to 38,000 up to 3.5” 200° F
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan TAF up to 38,000 up to 3.5” 200° F
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan BAF up to 20,000 up to 3.5” 175° F
Aerovent (expandcollapse)

Product Model CFM SPWG
Filter Fan, Wall Mounted FF up to 5,370 up to .5”
Filtered Air Supply Fan, Wall Mounted, Belt Driven FSWB up to 52,600 up to 0.75”
Filtered Air Supply Fan, Wall Mounted, Direct Drive FSWD up to 35,700 up to 1”
Filtered Air Supply Fan, Roof Mounted FSR up to 49,300 up to 0.75”
Panel Fan, Belted BP up to 89,100 up to 1.5”
Panel Fan, Direct Drive DDP up to 98,000 up to 1.5”
Panel Fan, Belted, Reversible BPRV up to 89,100 up to 1.25”
Panel Fan, Direct Drive, Reversible DDPRV up to 95,600 up to 1.25”
Upblast Roof Ventilator, Belted B53 up to 91,900 up to 0.75”
Model 53 Roof Ventilator, Direct Drive D53 up to 85,500 up to 0.75”
Americraft (expandcollapse)

Product Model CFM SPWG Air Stream Temp

Tube Axial Duct Fan – Belt Drive B up to 26,900 up to 1-1/4” 180° F
Tube Axial Duct Fan – Belt Drive BCS up to 54,000 up to 1-1/2” 375° F
Tube Axial Duct Fan – Belt Drive DF up to 60,750 up to 1-1/4” 104° F
Heavy Duty Industrial Belt Driven Wall Supply Fan 800 up to 73,203 up to ½” 104° F
Commercial Belt Driven Wall Supply Fan 600/700 up to 39,000 up to ¾” 104° F
Industrial Direct Driven Wall Supply Fan 900 up to 57,200 up to 1-½” 104° F
Industrial Roof Ventilator – Belt Drive 1900 B up to 47,000 up to 3/8” 104° F
Filtered Supply Fan – Direct Drive 900 CAF up to 18,750 N/A 104° F
Moffitt (expandcollapse)

Product Model CFM SPWG Air Stream Temp
Supply or Recirculation Fan 8100/8300 up to 48,780 up to ¾” 104° F
Industrial Wall Fan 7100/7300 up to 85,089 up to 1” 104° F

Air Solutions will assist you in selecting a supply fan that will be suited to your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.