Wet Scrubbers

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Wet Scrubbers

Air Solutions provides wet scrubbers for the effective removal of pollutants from gas streams. Our wet scrubber solutions efficiently neutralize corrosive gases and remove particulate matter, and are developed to meet and work within all of your specific environmental needs.

Tri-Mer Wet Scrubbers

The Tri-NOx® Multi-Chem Wet Scrubber System controls NO, NO2, and NOx. This versatile Tri-NOx scrubber system accommodates any combination of NO and NO2, including nitration-related NOx and combustion-related NOx.

  • Technology eliminates the visible plume generated by high NO2 loading
  • No cfm or ppm limitations, and systems achieve virtually any target stack output
  • Guaranteed to operate within pre-determined ppm limits for stack output without repeated adjustments
  • Applicable to hot and cold gas phase systems
  • Ideal wherever nitric acid is used to dissolve precious metals, and NOx is generated
  • APC Wet Scrubbers

    APC Wet Scrubbers controls maximize absorption of gas contaminants, including acid gases, through high-efficiency packing and proven designs. In many applications, these wet scrubbers achieve 99% control efficiency.

    • Versatile – can be designed as multi-stage units, horizontal units, and roof-mounted units
    • Temperature and corrosion resistant construction as required
    • Controls a variety of gas-phase contaminants including odors, VOCs and chemical vapors
    • Compact design for low space requirements

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