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Air Pollution Control
Air Pollution Control

Air Solutions will assist you in implementing an air pollution control system that will meet your facility needs and budget. We represent the most trusted names for dependable air pollution control equipment. We also offer the benefit of our application experience, which includes installations in a variety of industries. Our air pollution control systems meet a wide range needs including wet scrubbers for gas purification.

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Tri-Mer Air Pollution Control

Air Solutions is proud to partner with Tri-Mer Corporation to bring you highly effective solutions for air pollution control.

  • UltraCat Catalyst Filters – remove particulate, acid gases, and NOx all in one comprehensive system. These ceramic filters offer higher temperature capabilities than fabric filter baghouses, with better performance and cost efficiency.
  • Cloud Chamber System – for applications below 300°F, this system treats fine submicron, ultrafine and condensable particulate while wet scrubbing soluble gases. The CCS requires less energy and scrubs soluble gases at 99% efficiency.

APC Air Pollution Control

Air Solutions proudly offers APC proven, highly efficient and cost effective solutions for air pollution control.

  • Ultra High-Efficiency Filter Systems – for control of sub-micron particulate, oil mist, sticky particulate, smoke, odors, and other emissions
  • Activated Carbon Systems – cost-effective control of gas-phase contaminants such as VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, odors, mercury, and other fumes
  • MercPure Series – Mercury emission control systems include proven, cost-effective technologies for mercury air emission control
  • Catalytic Purification Catalytic Oxidizer Systems – for control of VOC’s, odors, fumes, other gas-phase contaminants via low temperature oxidation

The Air Solutions team will work with you to assess your air pollution control needs and will recommend the best air pollution control system to implement.

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Air Solutions is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you with all of your air pollution control needs. We offer you the added value of a customer centered approach, focused on serving your application requirements. Contact us to discuss your project.