Manufacturers Represented by Air Solutions, Inc.

Air Solutions represents the leading manufacturers, offering a complete selection of product solutions for most industrial air system needs.

Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc.
Cincinnati Fan manufactures cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers and exhausters.
Since 1932, Aerovent has been manufacturing industrial fans and blowers for an array of air system requirements.
United Air Specialists, Inc.
United Air Specialists develops quality commercial and industrial air cleaning and purification equipment.
AAF International
AAF International partners with Air Solutions to provide highly effective wet dust collection solutions for a broad range of industrial applications.
Moffitt Corporation specializes in providing industrial ventilation and heating equipment.
Daniels Fans
Daniels Fans specializes in the development and manufacture of high temperature fans for a furnace air recirculation, thermal oxidizing, annealing, waste recovery, and more.
Americraft has been manufacturing quality industrial fans and ventilation systems since 1946.
Paxton Products
Paxton Products creates innovative air blowing products that can be used in a variety of industries worldwide including air knife and blow off systems.
Spencer specializes in engineered blowers and vacuum systems for a broad range of industries.
BS&B offers protection systems including explosion venting and explosion suppression systems.
APC Technologies, Inc.
APC Technologies is a leader in air emissions control, specializing in highly efficient and low-cost air pollution control systems.
Tri-Mer Corporation
Tri-Mer Corporation offers a comprehensive selection of air pollution control systems.
dB Noise Reduction Inc.
dB Noise specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial noise control equipment.
Weather-Rite LLC
WEATHER-RITE™ offers indirect and direct-fired make-up efficient air systems for industrial and commercial facilities.
Col-Met manufactures quality spray booths and automotive finishing products.
Flextech Industries
Flextech Industries develops and manufactures dampers and expansion joints for a wide range of industrial needs.