Selection Tool Makes Finding the Right Fan Easier

Industrial fans serve the need for air movement to provide cooling, exhausting, aerating, ventilating, drying, and more. Selecting the best industrial fan for a particular job involves a number of factors to consider. Depending on the application or process, airflow and pressure requirements vary, and environmental conditions must be taken into account, as well. Choosing […]

Isolate Risks with NFPA Compliant Rotary Valves

Established 1896, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organization focused on the prevention of death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. The NFPA provides regulations to protect manufacturing facilities from fires, deflagrations, explosions, and other safety risks. According to NFPA research on fires in US […]

Aerovent Provides Solution for Oil-Quenching Cooling Systems

Overview: Aerovent was recently contacted by a manufacturer that was in need of unique solutions for their development of heat-treated metal products, including automotive components. The company needed assistance with two different challenges, both of which involved a process using an oil-quenching cooling system to cool automotive suspension bars that were dipped in hot oil. […]

Aerovent Provides Effective Solution for Paper Exhaust

Overview: Proper airflow is critical to the paper manufacturing process. Exhausting gas from paper machines requires a high level of precision engineering. Typically, hoods for a paper machine‚Äôs drying section are situated within sheet metal enclosures to conserve heat. In most paper production facilities, a series of roof-mounted exhaust fans positioned above the dryer section […]

SmogHog® Installed in 1975 Still On The Job!

The Air Solutions team was amazed to discover that a SmogHog® installed 45 years ago only required a few component updates to continue running clean. When our team was contacted by a SmogHog owner who was experiencing trouble with their unit, we expected it to be an easy fix. The customer reported that the CFM […]

Air Solutions Expands Explosion Protection Line With Boss Products

Air Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Boss Products to our line of explosion protection solutions. Founded in 2012, Boss Products focuses on providing a comprehensive product line of integrated, energy saving fire and explosion protection components for the industrial filtration and process industries. Many industrial processes have combustible dust and thus the […]

Aerovent Provides Solution for Steel Manufacturing Plant

Overview: A Midwest steel plant needed a ventilation solution for their hot strip mill building where slabs of steel are rolled into steel coils. The plant produces carbon, stainless, and electrical steels; hot and cold-rolled steel; as well as aluminum-coated stainless steel. The hot strip mill building had been ventilated with upblast roof exhaust fans, […]

Explosion Protection and Prevention

The danger of explosions in industrial environments is a serious issue. Hazards largely center around the issue of combustible dust. It is important to understand how combustible dust originates and how to mitigate explosion risks with explosion protection and prevention equipment solutions. What is Combustible Dust? Combustible dust can be generated by processes involving metal, […]

Innovative New Air-Port Welding Hood

Imperial Systems Air-Port Eliminates Weaknesses of Standard Designs Welding hoods play an important role in controlling hazardous welding fumes in the work environment. While the traditional design of welding hood products has not varied significantly over time, the Air-Port, a new welding hood design developed by Imperial Systems, has brought a unique set of patent-pending […]