Committed to Ongoing Education & Training to Better Serve You

Air Solutions has been the source for reliable air quality products and systems since 1998, serving Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Our commitment to providing our customers with the best solutions only begins with offering products from the industry’s most innovative and trusted manufacturers. The Air Solutions team is also committed to ongoing training […]

Smog Hog Provides Emulsion Mist Extraction for CNC Machines

Overview: A company that operates a variety of CNC machining and milling centers needed to find a solution for removing the hazardous emulsion mist created during the machining processes. The company manufactures gears for drive technology and high-quality structural steel cupped shears using workpieces that are cooled, purged and lubricated with water-soluble cooling lubricants (emulsions). […]

Drying Solutions from Air Solutions and Paxton Products

Air Solutions partners with Paxton Products to offer high performance air delivery systems that are custom engineered to optimize drying and blow off of products and components. Offering the benefit of over 50 years of industry expertise, combined with the strong global foundation of ITW, Paxton Products is the preferred supplier for drying and blow-off […]

CMAXX Meets Excessive Weld Fume Challenge

Overview: A company that produces metal components for the power grid industry needed an effective solution for clearing welding fumes. The company has both human welders and robotic weld cells, so the weld fume problem was significant. Minnesota-based Glacier Technology teamed with Imperial Systems to design a system that has the company’s employees breathing easier. […]

SmogHog Tackles Excessive Coolant Mist

Overview: A contract manufacturing machine shop needed a mist collection solution that would adequately address the excessive amounts of coolant mist that were impacting the facility’s indoor air quality. Working mainly with aluminum, stainless steel, and specialty alloys, the shop does CNC precision machining and metal fabrication specializing in mechanics for aerospace optics and equipment […]

Absolent Units Provide Cleaner Facility for Medical Manufacturer

Overview: A leading orthopedic medical implant manufacturer in the southeastern United States needed a better system for the capture of oil mist and smoke. The company had used a variety of electrostatic filters for collection that were ineffective and actually contributed to an extremely unpleasant work environment. Problem: This medical manufacturer needed an effective filtration […]