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Air Solutions is a specialist in air moving applications and equipment. We understand industrial blower technology, having designed systems for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. We partner with the best names in industrial blower equipment to offer you the best quality and innovation. We bring you the added value of decades of experience and industry expertise to help you develop the right industrial blower system to meet your needs.

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Industrial Blowers by Manufacturer

Cincinnati Fan

  • Most types and models, with most accessories, are shipped within 10-15 working days – some models available on a 5 Day RUSH program, with most accessories
  • Spark resistant, cast aluminum wheels are standard in PB and SPB Models
  • All fabricated steel models feature continuously welded housings for additional strength
  • Heavy duty, industrial components and continuous duty motors for long operation with minimal down time
  • Most models manufactured with all aluminum or all stainless steel fan construction almost weekly
  • All industrial blowers are available with multiple wheel sizes and some are also available with multiple housing widths from 50% to 100%, in 5% increments – direct driven fans can be selected instead of larger, heavier, more expensive belt driven fans
  • Belt driven models utilize wider spacing between the fan bearings, increasing the bearing life


  • Customized blower solutions
  • Offers a wide choice of materials for specialty applications including fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, hot dip galvanized steel, abrasion and spark resistant alloys, along with numerous protective coatings
  • Aerovent Ship-Out-of-Stock Program allows standard fans to be shipped within 48 hours
  • Prior to manufacturing, all of Aerovent products are tested and validated in our in-house AMCA registered test laboratory


  • Circular inlets and outlets designed for round duct or flexible hose
  • Discharge is available in any of four positions
  • Blowers are available with carrying handles and resilient feet on the motor base
  • Flexible hoses, dampers, guards, etc. are available upon request
  • Standard Construction includes cast aluminum spark-resistant blower housing
  • Blowers are provided with industrial duty TEFC motors standard
  • Explosion proof motors are available for hazardous duty locations
  • Special coatings are available upon request


  • Size/diameter range is from 12″ to 36″
  • Spark resistant construction option
  • Fiberglass construction motor cover protects shafts, bearings, drive and motor
  • 304 Stainless steel hardware
  • Chemical resistance in hostile environments
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and institutional applications
  • Variety of special resins are available to suit specific corrosive applications
  • Ventilation system specialist


  • Extensive line of styles and models used for a wide range of air/gas services
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge, rolled sheet steel
  • Welded and reinforced rugged construction
  • Inlet, outlet and housing built as an integral structure for greater strength
  • Multi-stage cast blowers for high efficiency air delivery
  • Models suited for heavy-duty process applications & high temperatures

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Industrial Blowers Product Specifications

Cincinnati Fan (expandcollapse)

ProductModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Heavy Duty Backward Inclined BlowersHDBIup to 51,965up to 25”750° F
Radial Blade ExhausterRBEup to 22,528up to 41”750° F
Heavy Duty Airfoil BlowersHDAFup to 48,551up to 21”750° F
Square Backward Inclined BlowersSQBIup to 28,141up to 23”750° F
Square Airfoil BlowersSQAFup to 27,985up to 17”750° F
Centrifugal Plug FansCPFup to 26,992up to 25”800° F
Airfoil Plug FansCPAFup to 28,600up to 18”800° F
Pressure BlowersPBup to 4,500up to 20”400° F
Fabricated Steel Pressure BlowersPBSup to 4,462up to 20”750° F
Stamped Steel Pressure BlowersSPBup to 4,075up to 18”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series Iup to 1,200up to 30”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series IIup to 7,000up to 78”750° F
Cast Aluminum Volume BlowersLM & LMFup to 2,000up to 4”300° F
Americraft (expandcollapse)

ProductModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Cast Aluminum Volume BlowerADBup to 1,550up to 4”150° F
Cast Aluminum Pressure BlowerHADPup to 3,410up to 11”150° F
Moffitt (expandcollapse)

ProductModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Utility SetsVP-BIUp to 23,958up to 5”600° F
Spencer (expandcollapse)

ProductModelICFMMax PressureMax Vacuum
Single Stage Fabricated BlowerSSup to 50,000up to 3.5 PSIG
Multistage Fabricated Centrifugal BlowerSOH, 4BOH, 4BOBup to 25,000up to 20 PSIGto 15” Hg
Power Mizer® Cast Centrifugal BlowerPower Mizerup to 40,000 up to 20 PSIGto 15” Hg
Vortex Regenerative BlowerVBup to 600 up to 3.6 PSIGto 7.6” Hg

Air Solutions will assist you in developing a industrial blower system that will be suited to your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.