Industrial Vacuum Systems

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Industrial Vacuum Systems

Air Solutions is the source for industrial vacuum systems. We are proud to partner with Spencer to meet a broad range of vacuum system needs and specifications. Our team has extensive experience in developing vacuum system solutions that address application requirements, work within existing operations, and meet budget and productivity goals. We’ve served a broad range of clients in a variety of industries, providing the benefits of:

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  • On-time delivery with project coordination and application assistance
  • Quality vacuum systems from Spencer, leading innovator in air and gas handling solutions
  • Vacuum systems selected and developed to meet your specific needs
  • Extensive application experience and comprehensive vacuum system knowledge

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Central Vacuum Systems

Our central vacuum systems are custom developed for each facility and feature a centrally located vacuum producer and material collector, which connect to a network of vacuum tubing. Central vacuum systems provide vacuum cleaning power throughout facilities of any size, for fume removal, liquid clean up, hazardous clean up, material reclamation and recycling, as well as material handling operations. Air Solutions will work with you to thoroughly evaluate your application needs such as required service features, number of operators, necessary hose lengths, material and environmental needs, and other logistical considerations. We will provide you with the best central vacuum system design including:

  • Vacuum producer
  • Collectors
  • Filters
  • Electrical controls
  • Tubing and fitting network
  • Sets of cleaning hoses and tools

Self-Contained Vacuums

Air Solutions provides self-contained vacuums from the Spencer Industracvac® line. Comprised of high efficiency vacuum system components, these self-contained vacuum systems offer a cost-effective alternative to central vacuum systems. The standard model selection includes options such as filter bag or filter cartridge separators, bottom exhausts for outdoor applications, as well as multistage or regenerative vacuum producers. Self-contained vacuum features and options include:

  • Models to accommodate from 2 – 3 or up to 15 simultaneous users
  • Can be used for dust or chip collection alongside a metalworking or woodworking machin
  • Mobile units ideal for on-location vacuum cleaning and spill removal
  • Customizable with HEPA filters, custom dirt cans, special sizes, and more
  • Optional anti-spark filter bags and explosion-proof or TEFC motors

Centrifugal Separators & Vacuum Separators

A variety of centrifugal designs meet the needs of individual applications with features like drum-top pre-separators and liquid separators for wet vacuum systems and high efficiency cyclone action separators for heavy dirt removal and pneumatic conveying applications. Filtration designs include two stage separation and pulse-type filter cleaning. Special designs accommodate specific size requirements, sensitive flammable material requirements, and Bag-In/Bag-Out separators for hands-off filter changes when collecting toxic materials.

Air Solutions will assist you in addressing your unique application requirements. Our advantage is demonstrated by our ability to meet all project goals. We will provide you with the most advanced air handling equipment from the industry’s best manufacturers.

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