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Industrial dampers
Industrial Louvers

Air Solutions is your source for industrial dampers and louvers, suited to a variety of air control applications. Dampers and louvers are integral in the proper functioning of industrial air systems, so we supply dampers and louvers engineered for optimal performance and efficiency.

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Find Your Industrial Dampers and Louvers Solution

Air Solutions provides a broad range of louver models and types, all with the benefit of superior design and performance. Our louvers are fabricated to meet your specific architectural design requirements and are available in a variety of depths, with varying options and finish selections.

  • Fixed louvers – provide maximum free area for air movement with minimal pressure drop; available in drainable and non-drainable styles
  • Adjustable louvers – can be adjusted to increase air flow or limit weather entrance; available in drainable and non-drainable styles
  • Combination louvers – combines benefits of fixed and adjustable louvers; can serve as both air intake and exhaust applications
  • Butterfly dampers – available for a wide variety of applications in round ducting where low leakage, flow control, or a combination of the two are required
  • Inlet vane dampers – used to modulate the flow/pressure relationship of a blower from the inlet side; suitable for applications requiring both fan shutoff and volume control
  • Guillotine dampers – preferred in applications where isolation is critical and services conditions can be severe

Fan dampers can be mounted on the inlet or outlet of the fan and allow you to control the volume of air moving through a fan. A damper can be used with fans that have a starting temperature that is lower than the actual operating temperature. The damper will throttle the air flow until the operating temperature is reached. Another common application for these types of dampers is for use on fans on dust control systems. The damper can allow for reduced flow when new cartridges or bags are installed so that the flow and media velocity are not too high on start-up with clean filters.

  • Opposed blade dampers – mounted on the outlet of the fan; a common and less expensive option, typically manual lever operation
  • Parallel blade dampers -mounts onto inlet side of an inlet box; used when small operating range is needed
  • Variable-inlet-vane (VIV) dampers – mounted onto inlet side of fan; usually operated by an electric or pneumatic actuator; provides pre-spin to air entering fan inlet
  • Backdraft dampers – vertically or horizontally mounted and designed to allow airflow while presenting reverse airflow; wide range of velocity options

Air Solutions is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you with your industrial damper and louver needs.

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