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The Air Solutions team has extensive experience with air moving applications. Our knowledge and application expertise with fans and blowers is the key to our success in providing solutions for a broad range of clients, in a host of industries. Our commitment to innovative solutions and quality service has made us the trusted source in the air moving equipment industry.

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Find Your Industrial Fan & Blower Solution

  • Centrifugal Fans – Air & Material Handling Fans for Flows Up to 350,000 CFM, Standard & Custom
  • Industrial Blowers – Blowers for All Applications and Processes, Low, Medium, and High Pressure
  • Industrial Exhaust Fans – Axial and Centrifugal for Standard Air and High Temperature Air Streams
  • Supply Fans – Axial & Centrifugal Fans, Wall & Roof Fans, Filtered and Non-Filtered Arrangements
  • Explosion Proof Fans – AMCA A, B, & C Spark Resistant Construction (SRC) and Explosion Proof Motors
  • Custom Fans – Special Construction Materials, Custom Features, Dimensions to Match Existing Fans
  • Axial Fans – Duct & Roof Mounted, Vertical & Horizontal Mount, Fans for Canopy Hoods & Booths
  • Pressure Blowers – Cast Aluminum, Stamped Steel, and Fabricated, Single and Multi-Stage Units
  • Regenerative Blowers – High Pressure/Low Flow Applications, Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Fiberglass (FRP) Fans – Fiberglass fans are engineered to handle the exhaust of moisture-laden, corrosive or chemically contaminated air

Quickly learn about the customized solutions we can offer you.

Our application experience and expertise with fans and blowers enables us to provide complete air handling packages. We can offer our customers design assistance, system components or complete packaged equipment and the benefits of:

  • Industrial fans and blowers from the leading manufacturers
  • Cast aluminum and steel industrial fan and blower products
  • For corrosive environments, Fiberglass and PVC industrial fans and blowers
  • Industrial fans and blowers to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications
  • Excellent equipment, coordination assistance for expert installation and service

Air Solutions will assist you in addressing your unique application factors and needs. Our advantage is demonstrated by our ability to develop an industrial fan or blower application that meets all project goals. We will provide you with the most advanced industrial fans and blowers from the industry’s best manufacturers.

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