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Explosion Proof Fan

Air Solutions is your source for the most dependable air movement solutions. We have worked with applications in a variety of industries and represent the most trusted names for dependable air movement equipment. Our line includes fans manufactured to reduce the risk of explosion in volatile environments, which are often referred to as explosion proof fans.

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When considering fans for reduced risk of explosion, it is important to understand that technically there are no explosion proof fans but there is explosion protection. Fans can be manufactured to be spark resistant with explosion proof motors. The Air Movement and Conditioning Association (AMCA) has three classifications for “spark resistant” fans and blowers:

  • Type A – construction requires all materials of the fan or blower that are in contact with the air stream be comprised of spark resistant nonferrous material such as aluminum or brass
  • Type B – construction requires a nonferrous wheel and a rubbing ring around the hole where the fan or motor shaft enters the fan or blower housing
  • Type C – construction requires a nonferrous plate on both sides of the inside of the fan or blower housing

The type of construction that will best meet your explosion proof fan requirements depends upon the ambient location and application conditions to which your fan will be subjected. It is extremely important to select the right type of spark resistant construction for your application and the motor that is properly classified for your area. For further details, our manufacturer, Cincinnati Fan, offers additional information addressing explosion proof fans.

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Air Solutions is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in selecting a fan for your specific project requirements including fans for potentially explosive environments. We offer you the added value of industry knowledge and a customer centered approach, focused on serving your application requirements. Contact us to discuss your project.