Material Handling Fans

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Material Handling Fan

Air Solutions industrial material handling fans are ideal for applications involving exhaust, material conveying, pollution control, air circulation, and a variety of other industrial installations.

  • Industrial exhaust fan for trim-handling applications is designed for edge trim removal of materials, such as paper, cardboard, and various metals
  • Heavy duty material handling fan moves air and material at medium-to-high static pressures, and is able to move heavy, sticky, and abrasive materials through the airstream without compromising the integrity of the wheel
  • Industrial exhausters for conveying material, are available with multiple width housings and wheels increments to deliver exact performance
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A variety of finishes and linings accommodate multiple application requirements.

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Material Handling Fans Product Specifications

Cincinnati Fan (expandcollapse)

ProductModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Radial Blade ExhausterRBEup to 22,528up to 41”750° F
Pressure BlowersPBup to 4,500up to 20”400° F
Fabricated Steel Pressure BlowersPBSup to 4,462up to 20”750° F
Stamped Steel Pressure BlowersSPBup to 4,075up to 18”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series Iup to 1,200up to 30”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series IIup to 7,000up to 78”750° F
Aerovent (expandcollapse)

Industrial Radial Blade Fan, Air Handling WheelMHAup to 141,800up to 32”
Industrial Radial Blade Fan, Paddle WheelMHOup to 141,800up to 32”
Industrial Radial Blade Fan, Paper Handling WheelMHPup to 26,500up to 32”
Industrial Radial Blade Fan, Paddle WheelMHRup to 94,800up to 32”
Industrial Radial Blade Fan, Backplate Wool WheelMHWup to 141,800up to 32”
Pressure Blower, Radial BladePBup to 1,275up to 10”
Fiberglass Radial Blade Centrifugal FanRBFup to 38,300up to 18”
Fiberglass High Pressure Blower, Radial BladeHPBFup to 4,700up to 36”

Air Solutions will assist you in selecting the right material handling fan and developing a system that will be suited to your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.