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Regenerative Blowers Vortex Line
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As your source for air moving equipment, Air Solutions brings you the most dependable products and solutions for your air movement applications including regenerative blowers. We represent the leading brands in the industry to offer you the best selection of quality products. Our associates have addressed numerous regenerative blower applications for a wide range of clients. Regenerative blowers can be used for both pressure and vacuum applications. A few of these applications include pressurizing air beds and tables, product drying, air knife and blow-off system, vacuum hold-down, liquid agitation and aeration, automatic bottling and labeling as well as other numerous applications. We are equipped to meet your needs and offer you a customer-centered approach focused on addressing your specific application needs.

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Regenerative Blowers by Manufacturer


  • Single stage blowers with C-faced motor in a light-weight, compact design
  • Excellent performance range and long-life reliability
  • Single-sided impeller with single vortex generates less heat and noise than paddle wheel designs
  • Oil-free air delivery suitable for healthcare and scientific applications
  • Regenerative blowers can be run in reverse without performance loss for application flexibility
  • Customized specification alternatives for meeting specific requirements
  • Good for pressure or vacuum use
  • Ideal blower for many industrial applications including air knives and blow off systems
  • Inlet filters and relief valves available to protect the blower from abrasive dusts and overheating

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Regenerative Blower Product Specifications


Product Model CFM SPWG Air Stream Temp
Vortex Regenerative Blower VB 645 vacuum to 104″ pressure to 108″ 104° F

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Air Solutions will help you find a regenerative blower that will meet your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.