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Dust Collector Filters

Air Solutions supplies your dust collector filter needs with a broad range of quality filters from United Air Specialists, industry leading manufacturer of clean air technology. We have extensive experience working with air filtration applications, and have implemented solutions for processes in a variety of industries. We partner with the leading brands in the industry to offer you the best in quality and innovation. We offer you the added value of extensive experience and industry expertise to help you get the most from your dust collection system.

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United Air Specialists Dust Collector Filters

  • UAS Replacement Cartridge Filter – the MERV 15 rated Protura® Nanofiber cartridge provides the highest performance, efficiency, and value. Up to 95% efficient on .03 to 1.0 micron size dust, these filters feature fibers that are about 50% finer than that of competing filter technology.
  • Pleated Bag Filters featuring ProPulse® Technology – improved performance over traditional filter bags and cages, one piece construction allows for a simple retrofit in most systems. Increased filter area decreases the air-to-media ratio at the same airflow for increased filtration efficiency while operating at significantly lower differential pressures.
  • HEPA and 95% DOP Panel Filters – standard and high capacity HEPA filters are available for air flow applications ranging from 55 CFM to 2470 CFM. The high capacity filters offer 50% more media than standard capacity HEPA filters, allowing for longer service life, lower resistance and energy cost, as well as lower maintenance.

Air Solutions will assist you in selecting a dust collector filter or filters that will be suited to your specific application needs.

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