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Fabric Duct

Air Solutions supplies fabric duct solutions including fabric air diffusers, poly duct, and convection tubing. Fabric duct advantages include lighter weight, cost efficiency, simple design, and uniform air dispersion. Environmental advantages include improved air quality, lower operating costs, and improved productivity.

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Fabric Duct Options

  • Large air jets for efficiently entrapping and mixing air – can propel heated air to cooler floor areas
  • Smaller jets used when it is necessary to reduce air jet turbulence or the area of significant air movement.
  • Air diffusers made with permeable fabrics to displace air for efficient contaminant removal
  • Air diffusers that can be used for hot/cold weather make-up air applications
  • Poly ducts are low cost and efficient, typically used for light duty applications

Air Solutions will assist you in implementing a fabric duct system that will be suited to your specific application needs. 

Quickly learn about the customized solutions we can offer you.