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Nordfab Duct Replacement

Air Solutions has provided K & B duct, Nordfab® Quick-Fit®, Easy Duct®, Duct Inc. ®, as well as other clamp-together duct brands. Clamp-together duct easily attaches to existing ductwork with an in-cut, tap-in, or an adapter. The design of clamp-together duct allows you to change over your duct system in stages, as you modify equipment or your floor plan. Proven benefits include:

  • Can be assembled and disassembled in minutes
  • Installs in about half the time of flanged ducting
  • Can be easily modified without special tools or skills
  • Smooth interior and laser welded seams reduce snags
  • Increased flexibility – can be moved to another area if a machine or process is relocated
  • Easy to clean – can be taken down and cleaned or inspected periodically
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In abrasive applications, clamp together duct offers the additional advantage of the ability to quickly and easily replace wear points without tools. Flange and machine adapters can be fabricated to attach to any dust collector or machine, and connect with any existing duct run.

This duct can interconnect with many different brands such as K & B (Kirk & Blum), Nordfab®, Easy Duct®, Duct Inc.®, etc.*

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