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The team at Air Solutions can assist you with the evaluation of your current industrial ventilation equipment and systems. You may know you want to improve your ventilation or a dust control system, but need assistance in evaluating where you are now and determining how to reach that point at which you ultimately want to be. We can help you develop a plan to reach desired goals with fans, blowers, dust collectors, air filtration, scrubbers, make-up air or vacuum cleaning equipment.

We can assist you in identifying problems with equipment and we can offer replacement parts or point you in the proper direction for repairs. The goal is to have your equipment and systems run properly and effectively. The experience and abilities of our team allow us to provide analysis of your equipment and systems to help you reach the desired optimal performance.

Any effective system with which you plan to contain dust, fume, mist, vapors, or heat starts with a hood, enclosure, booth, or device designed to create the control or containment of the fugitive emission. Our group has experience with hood and enclosure design allowing for control of emissions and after the containment is designed, we can determine the air flows required and do the system layout to get the emissions to the required filtration device. You can have great filtration equipment, but if you’re not capturing the emission at the source, you may not have an effective system. And even if your facility has equipment, it may not be working as effectively as it should. Air Solutions can survey your system and offer advice on how to make existing systems more effective.

Air Solutions can also provide assistance to your maintenance department. We offer regular equipment inspections or system monitoring and report on the condition of your air movement or filtration equipment. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual inspections can be arranged to confirm the proper operation of your industrial ventilation systems.

Manufacturers represented by Air Solutions also offer services that we extend to our customers. Field service personnel can provide evaluation or training in regard to SMOG-HOG® electrostatic precipitation equipment as well as DUST-HOG® cartridge dust collectors. We can provide analysis of media used for control of gaseous contaminants for prediction of required change out schedules. We can also assist in coordination of other services including dust testing, special fabrication, installation, and repairs.

Air Solutions is ready to be a valuable resource for you and your facility, helping you solve problems with the best air movement systems. We focus on customer service and we look forward to any opportunity to be of service to you!