Cincinnati Fan Meets Large Industrial Fan Needs

Large industrial fans are essential in a broad range of applications throughout a variety of industries. These fans offer the advantage of being able to move more air and operate more efficiently in certain applications, such as cooling large areas. While clean air ventilation is an important use for large fans, these fans are also highly beneficial for improving the efficiency in a number of industrial processes.

Cincinnati Fan model RTE-660


Industrial Applications That Benefit from Large Industrial Fans

Ventilation and Air Exchange

Proper ventilation is essential in industrial facilities to maintain air quality, remove pollutants, control temperature, and regulate humidity levels. Large fans exhaust stale air and bring in fresh air, ensuring a healthy and comfortable working environment.

HVAC Systems

In large commercial and industrial buildings, HVAC systems require powerful fans to distribute conditioned air efficiently. These fans help regulate indoor temperatures, improve air circulation, and maintain comfort levels for people, as well as equipment assets within the facility.

Manufacturing and Processing

The automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries use large fans for manufacturing and processing operations. These fans assist in cooling machinery, removing airborne contaminants, drying products, and controlling humidity levels.

Dust and Fume Extraction

To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, plants with operations that produce dust, smoke, fumes, or other airborne particles require effective ventilation systems with large industrial fans to help capture and remove airborne contaminants.

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Large facilities like warehouses and distribution centers rely on industrial fans for air circulation and temperature control. Large fans help prevent stagnant air, regulate humidity levels, and maintain consistent conditions throughout the facility.

Data Centers and Server Rooms

The heat generated by the operation of electrical equipment in data centers and server rooms is  significant. Large fans effectively dissipate heat to maintain optimal operating temperatures, and prevent equipment overheating, ensuring the reliable performance of critical IT infrastructure.

Power Generation and Utilities

Power plants and utility facilities use large fans for cooling systems for generators, combustion air supply for boilers, and ventilation in confined spaces. Large industrial fans play an essential role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of power generation equipment.

Mining and Construction

Mining operations and construction sites often require ventilation in underground tunnels, shafts, and confined spaces. Large industrial fans help circulate fresh air, remove harmful gases, and control dust levels, creating safer working conditions for workers.

Air Solutions is Proud to Meet Large Industrial Fans Needs By Partnering with Cincinnati Fan

Cincinnati Fan offers a versatile selection of industrial fans and blowers, including large fans designed to be dependable and used for a variety of industrial applications. Air Solutions recently supplied the Cincinnati Fan model RTE-660 (pictured above) to a customer for a dust collection application.  This fan has a 66” diameter wheel and the overall height of the fan to the top of the discharge is over 12 feet tall! 

For over 65 years, Cincinnati Fan has been the trusted name for cast aluminum, fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel industrial fans, including custom fans. Popular large fans from the line include:

  • BI Series – The BI series includes backward inclined fans known for high efficiency and quiet operation. These fans are suitable for applications requiring moderate-to-high pressure and airflow.
  • BC Series – Cincinnati Fan’s BC series consists of backward curved fans, which are ideal for applications demanding high efficiency and low noise levels. These fans are well-suited for general ventilation and process air handling tasks.
  • HPBC Series – The HPBC series combines the characteristics of high-pressure fans with backward curved blades. These fans are designed to deliver high airflow and pressure, making them suitable for challenging industrial ventilation and HVAC systems.
  • CPF Series – The CPF series features forward curved fans known for their ability to handle high volumes of air at low-to-medium pressures. These fans are commonly used in applications such as air handling units, fume hoods, and exhaust systems.
  • RTE Series – The RTE series consists of radial tip fans designed for high-pressure applications. These fans are equipped with curved blades that efficiently move air at high velocities, making them suitable for tasks requiring significant pressure generation.

These large fan offerings from Cincinnati Fan provide unique features and benefits, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable option based on their specific requirements for airflow, pressure, efficiency, and noise levels. Air Solutions has extensive experience large industrial fan applications. Contact us to discuss your air system solution needs.