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Innovative New Air-Port Welding Hood

Imperial Systems Air-Port Eliminates Weaknesses of Standard Designs Welding hoods play an important role in controlling hazardous welding fumes in the work environment. While the traditional design of welding hood products has not varied significantly over time, the Air-Port, a new welding hood design developed by Imperial Systems, has brought a unique set of patent-pending […]

Air Solutions is Your Source for Industrial Noise Control

According to the CDC, “most hearing difficulty cases among workers (58%) were linked to loud noise on the job and could be prevented if the noise was reduced to safe levels.” They further estimate the twenty-two million workers are exposed to loud noise on the job each year. Industrial manufacturing environments must give increased attention […]

Air Knives Provide High Velocity Air for a Wide Range of Solutions

Paxton Air Knives deliver high velocity air and compressed air savings for rapid ROI in many applications Air knives provide an effective and efficient means for cleaning, cooling, and drying in industrial applications. Centrifugal blowers used in conjunction with these applications offer energy savings over the use of plant compressed air. Air Solutions partners with […]

Does Your Industrial Fan Need Replacement?

Facilities depend on industrial fans to provide process air and keep HVAC systems functioning properly. A variety of issues can occur with these fans, including complications from debris and dust build up to rust and corrosion. All of these issues can impact the performance of your fans and ultimately the health and productivity of your […]

Industrial Duct Solutions from Air Solutions

An effective and efficient industrial ventilation and dust collection system depends on quality ducting. Air Solutions makes finding the right industrial duct solution easy with a wide range of duct products developed by some of the most trusted names in the industry. Our line includes fabric air distribution duct, clamp together, quick fit type duct […]

DeltaMAXX Prime Cartridge Filters from Imperial Systems

Imperial Systems has developed an innovative new cartridge filter, designed exclusively for the CMAXX dust/fume collector and the Shadow compact fume extractor. DeltaMAXX Prime cartridge filters offer an unprecedented level of safety and performance. Setting the highest standards for quality with nanofiber technology, high efficiency filtration, and long filter life, the patented DeltaMAXX Prime delivers: […]

Imperial Systems Introduces The Shadow Compact Fume Collector

Imperial Systems recently introduced The Shadow, its newest innovation for fume collection, at FABTECH 2019, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is an economical, pre-wired plug-and-play fume collector for non-combustible dust. The patent-pending design manages welding fumes and dust, as well as fumes from laser cutting […]