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Understanding Combustible Dust – Two Helpful Resources

An issue that is far too overlooked, and seriously underestimated is that of fugitive combustible dust. Dusts that have explosive potential pose significant risk and when those risks are ignored, the results can be devastating. Combustible Dust Awareness and Regulations Systems that lack the proper safeguards for combustible dust ignition can result in consequences ranging […]

Air Solutions is Now Working with Absolent

Air Solutions is proud to announce that our team is now working with Absolent to develop air filtration applications for customers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and portions of Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri. Boasting 25 years of industry experience, Absolent has been the clean air solution source for applications that involve metalworking, die casting, cold […]

Virtual Tour Connects Buyers with Imperial Systems

Air Solutions is proud to partner with Imperial Systems to offer its dependable line of dust collectors, filters, and accessories. We have worked with the Imperial systems team to develop many successful applications to improve indoor air quality and enhance safety. The line includes: CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector Shadow Compact Fume Extractor BRF Baghouse […]

Is Your Dust Collection System Protected from a Combustible Dust Explosion?

In our last blog post we asked the important question – Do You Have Combustible Dust?. If you do, it is essential for regulatory compliance, and more importantly the safety of your employees, that you protect your dust collection systems from an accidental explosion. How Can Combustible Dust Be Safely Managed? Safely managing combustible dust […]

Do You Have Combustible Dust?

Combustible dust is a serious safety risk in many industrial environments. Compounding the danger is the fact that many facility managers do not even realize that their processes are generating combustible dust. If you have combustible dust, a devastating explosion or fire could occur at any time, without the proper mitigation and management measures in […]

Air Solutions Offers Aerovent Fiberglass Fans for Corrosive Application Needs

Many of today’s manufacturing environments involve harsh environments and corrosive conditions. These types of conditions can severely compromise the performance and service life of equipment, including fans. To serve our customers who have these types of application needs, we offer a complete line of Aerovent fiberglass fans that are designed to deliver maximum corrosion resistance. […]

Smog Hog® Meets Weld Fume Challenges

A metal working company in Canada needed assistance with a solution for improving facility air quality. The company fabricates large steel assemblies for bridges, as well as buildings and structures for customers in industries including transportation, mining, oil/gas, and renewable energy. The fabrication processes used by the company relies heavily on welding operations. The Problem […]

Automotive Manufacturer Manages Robotic Weld Fume With Shadow Fume Extractor

Overview: An Atlanta area automotive parts manufacturer had problems with unsafe conditions in their robotic manufacturing area due to welding fumes. Dust and fume residue collecting on the walls and floor created a dirty environment. The air was also compromised by weld fume haze, causing further health and safety risks. Problem: The customer had three […]

Selection Tool Makes Finding the Right Fan Easier

Industrial fans serve the need for air movement to provide cooling, exhausting, aerating, ventilating, drying, and more. Selecting the best industrial fan for a particular job involves a number of factors to consider. Depending on the application or process, airflow and pressure requirements vary, and environmental conditions must be taken into account, as well. Choosing […]

Isolate Risks with NFPA Compliant Rotary Valves

Established 1896, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organization focused on the prevention of death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. The NFPA provides regulations to protect manufacturing facilities from fires, deflagrations, explosions, and other safety risks. According to NFPA research on fires in US […]