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Air Solutions Offers FREE Combustible Dust Management Guide

Air Solutions has developed combustible dust management systems for a wide range of businesses and processes. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve found that many of our customers didn’t know that their facilities had combustible dust, and they were unaware of the solutions available to mitigate the associated risks. We have developed this eBook on […]

Is Your Dust Collection System Protected from a Combustible Dust Explosion?

In our last blog post we asked the important question – Do You Have Combustible Dust?. If you do, it is essential for regulatory compliance, and more importantly the safety of your employees, that you protect your dust collection systems from an accidental explosion. How Can Combustible Dust Be Safely Managed? Safely managing combustible dust […]

Do You Have Combustible Dust?

Combustible dust is a serious safety risk in many industrial environments. Compounding the danger is the fact that many facility managers do not even realize that their processes are generating combustible dust. If you have combustible dust, a devastating explosion or fire could occur at any time, without the proper mitigation and management measures in […]

Isolate Risks with NFPA Compliant Rotary Valves

Established 1896, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organization focused on the prevention of death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. The NFPA provides regulations to protect manufacturing facilities from fires, deflagrations, explosions, and other safety risks. According to NFPA research on fires in US […]

Air Solutions Expands Explosion Protection Line With Boss Products

Air Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Boss Products to our line of explosion protection solutions. Founded in 2012, Boss Products focuses on providing a comprehensive product line of integrated, energy saving fire and explosion protection components for the industrial filtration and process industries. Many industrial processes have combustible dust and thus the […]

Explosion Protection and Prevention

The danger of explosions in industrial environments is a serious issue. Hazards largely center around the issue of combustible dust. It is important to understand how combustible dust originates and how to mitigate explosion risks with explosion protection and prevention equipment solutions. What is Combustible Dust? Combustible dust can be generated by processes involving metal, […]

Three Classifications for ‘Spark Resistant’ Fans and Blowers

Combustible dust issues have become an important area of focus in the prevention of industrial fires and explosions. The Imperial Sugar refinery disaster in 2008 brought to light the dangers of older facilities using outdated equipment without understanding of the nature of combustible dusts. While today’s plants are designed to address combustible dust hazards, plants […]

NFPA & Combustible Dust Management

Do you have combustible dusts in your operation? A critical new National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) development is on the horizon. It is essential that all businesses and facilities that have combustible dust are prepared for the changes. NFPA 652 was issued in 2015, setting a new standard on the fundamentals of combustible dust. This […]

Combustible Dust 101

A serious safety issue facing many industrial environments is the presence of combustible dust. Any fine particulate that as the potential to ignite or explode is considered combustible dust. When combustible dust accumulates on surface areas such as ceilings, rafters, duct, or machinery, this leads to an environment that is highly flammable and explosive. When […]