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What Imperial Sugar Taught Us About Combustible Dust

Combustible dust is a risk far too many in the manufacturing industry do not fully understand. Issues concerning combustible dust can have a serious effect on businesses, ranging from fines for noncompliance to devastating explosions leading to loss of life. In 2008, disaster struck at a Georgia sugar refinery with painful consequences that brought the […]

Air Solutions Provides Optimal Dust Collection System for Pipe Manufacturer

Overview: An Arkansas pipe manufacturer for water, gas, oilfield, and industrial markets in the United States and internationally contacted Air Solutions by the way of a south AR contractor with a dust collection system requirement. The end user chose Air Solutions to work with due in part to the knowledgeable and experienced expertise they were […]

What You Need to Know about Combustible Dust

Combustible dust is a serious safety issue that must be addressed in a wide range of industrial environments. Any fine particulate that has the potential to ignite or explode is considered combustible dust. As with any type of dust, combustible dust tends to settle and accumulate on surface areas including machinery, duct, rafters, walls, and […]

When Indoor Air Quality Suffers In Industrial Environments, So Does Productivity

Owners and managers of today’s industrial facilities are more focused on environmental issues than ever before. Steps are being taken to improve energy efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance, which is environmentally responsible but also awards cost-saving advantages to the business. While a focus on these areas is important, the topic of indoor air quality is […]

Dust and Mist Collection – A Matter of Health

Industrial dust and mist are much more than a nuisance. Not only does dust and mist create an unclean workplace, many of the contaminants found in industrial dust and mist can have serious and detrimental effects on the health of people exposed to them. Health problems that are associated with industrial dust and mists can include: Eye, […]

Cyclone Collectors – Will a Cyclone System Meet Your Needs?

With the vast array of industrial dust collection options available, the process of deciding which choice is the best to meet your needs can seem overwhelming. If you are considering investing in one of the many cyclone collectors that are available, this article will help you determine if this type of dust collector is your […]

AAF International Joins the Air Solution Product Line

Air Solutions Inc. is proud to welcome AAF International to our comprehensive line of quality industrial air movement products. A leading innovator in air cleaning equipment, AAF International offers a selection of wet dust collection solutions that serve the needs of a broad range of applications, world-wide. Decades of experience and global manufacturing capabilities have […]

Are Environmental Dusts Putting Your Employees and Facility at Risk?

Workplace dust is an environmental  threat that poses a serious health risk to all who are exposed to it. That is why many health and environmental regulations for manufacturing and processing operations require adequate dust control. When people inhale airborne dust at work, continual exposure puts them at risk of occupational disease. In addition to […]