Is Your Dust Collection System Protected from a Combustible Dust Explosion?

In our last blog post we asked the important question – Do You Have Combustible Dust?. If you do, it is essential for regulatory compliance, and more importantly the safety of your employees, that you protect your dust collection systems from an accidental explosion.

Boss Combustible Dust System Illustration

How Can Combustible Dust Be Safely Managed?

Safely managing combustible dust can be accomplished by adding reliable explosion protection components to your dust collector system. Several factors will dictate the type of components that will be required. Boss Products, industry leader in the field of industrial ventilation and dust collection, offers a broad range of solutions, including the VigiFlap explosion isolation valve. The VigiFlap EV-VF is designed to prevent propagation of overpressure or flame front caused by an explosion downstream in vessels such as dust collectors, cyclones, and filters.

The following video illustrates the VIGIFlap system in action:

Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Collection Systems

>An important factor in determining the appropriate explosion protection components for your dust collector system depends on where it is located. The following guide illustrates an installation of an indoor system and an outdoor system:

Boss Indoor Installation Combustible Dust Solutions

Boss Outdoor Installation Combustible Dust Solutions

Air Solutions Partners with Boss to Provide Dependable Safety Solutions

Our team works with Boss to provide qualified assistance and industry leading safety solutions for managing potential dust hazards. We have extensive experience in matters relating to NFPA  compliance, including dust testing to evaluate vulnerabilities at your facility. We develop comprehensive explosion protection systems that meet the needs of your specific facility and keep your employees safe. Contact us to discuss your project.