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CMAXX Meets Excessive Weld Fume Challenge

Overview: A company that produces metal components for the power grid industry needed an effective solution for clearing welding fumes. The company has both human welders and robotic weld cells, so the weld fume problem was significant. Minnesota-based Glacier Technology teamed with Imperial Systems to design a system that has the company’s employees breathing easier. […]

Absolent Units Provide Cleaner Facility for Medical Manufacturer

Overview: A leading orthopedic medical implant manufacturer in the southeastern United States needed a better system for the capture of oil mist and smoke. The company had used a variety of electrostatic filters for collection that were ineffective and actually contributed to an extremely unpleasant work environment. Problem: This medical manufacturer needed an effective filtration […]

Smog Hog® Meets Weld Fume Challenges

A metal working company in Canada needed assistance with a solution for improving facility air quality. The company fabricates large steel assemblies for bridges, as well as buildings and structures for customers in industries including transportation, mining, oil/gas, and renewable energy. The fabrication processes used by the company relies heavily on welding operations. The Problem […]

Automotive Manufacturer Manages Robotic Weld Fume With Shadow Fume Extractor

Overview: An Atlanta area automotive parts manufacturer had problems with unsafe conditions in their robotic manufacturing area due to welding fumes. Dust and fume residue collecting on the walls and floor created a dirty environment. The air was also compromised by weld fume haze, causing further health and safety risks. Problem: The customer had three […]

Innovative New Air-Port Welding Hood

Imperial Systems Air-Port Eliminates Weaknesses of Standard Designs Welding hoods play an important role in controlling hazardous welding fumes in the work environment. While the traditional design of welding hood products has not varied significantly over time, the Air-Port, a new welding hood design developed by Imperial Systems, has brought a unique set of patent-pending […]

Imperial Systems Introduces The Shadow Compact Fume Collector

Imperial Systems recently introduced The Shadow, its newest innovation for fume collection, at FABTECH 2019, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is an economical, pre-wired plug-and-play fume collector for non-combustible dust. The patent-pending design manages welding fumes and dust, as well as fumes from laser cutting […]