CMAXX Meets Excessive Weld Fume Challenge


Metal Shop Welding Operations

A company that produces metal components for the power grid industry needed an effective solution for clearing welding fumes. The company has both human welders and robotic weld cells, so the weld fume problem was significant. Minnesota-based Glacier Technology teamed with Imperial Systems to design a system that has the company’s employees breathing easier.


A high level of production demand has the company’s weld shop producing an excessive amount of weld fume. Smoke and fumes from robotic weld cells operating alongside human welders in the facility were becoming a serious issue, compromising the health and safety of employees. The small fan they were using to move air throughout the shop failed to provide proper ventilation. Concerned about the toxic fumes lingering in employee breathing spaces, the company sought a solution to their weld fume problem.


CMAXX Duct Collectors

Upon recommendation of their welding equipment dealer, the company contacted the Imperial Systems local representative to develop a system that would meet their needs. The central component of the system is the Imperial Systems CMAXX CM008 Welding Fume and Dust Collector. The system includes ducting to serve each area of the work space, including the robotic weld cells. A welding ventilation hood was integrated into each welding station.

The system additionally provides ambient weld fume control for the area in which the human welders are working. This ambient airflow efficiently removes any remaining weld fume not captured by the workstation hoods.


The customer reports that the CMAXX arrived on time and as specified. Because the CMAXX is designed to be easy to install, the company was able to complete the entire installation themselves. It went very smoothly and only took one eight-hour work day. When the system is shut down, smoke builds within the facility quickly, but that weld fume is rapidly cleared upon reactivation of the equipment. The customer and their employees are very pleased with the installation and the resulting improvements to the work environment!

An improved work space with clean air can be key to acquiring and retaining employees at any facility. Air Solutions is the source for CMAXX and other Imperial Systems clean air solutions in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Contact us to discuss your clean air needs.