SmogHog Tackles Excessive Coolant Mist


A contract manufacturing machine shop needed a mist collection solution that would adequately address the excessive amounts of coolant mist that were impacting the facility’s indoor air quality. Working mainly with aluminum, stainless steel, and specialty alloys, the shop does CNC precision machining and metal fabrication specializing in mechanics for aerospace optics and equipment for semiconductor manufacturing.

CNC Coolant mist issues resolved


The machine shop was using outdated equipment that could not meet the needs of their operations. The mist collection equipment was found to be inadequate to support not only the current processes, but also the upcoming projects anticipated by the company.

A number of popular mist collector brands were tested, but none were effective in managing the shop’s mist. An engineering study was conducted to assure the next equipment solution would resolve the issues. They worked with a Parker distributor, who analyzed the machine information and determined which system would reliably manage the challenges. The company opted to use an advanced control system with the controls placed at eye-level for the operator.

Next, the team planned an engineering study. The customer wanted to be certain the new equipment solution resolved the issues, so no better place to start than to test. They contacted their Parker Distributor to discuss challenges. After learning more about the issues being faced and analyzing the detailed machine information provided by this metal fabricator, a recommendation on the model/CFM capacity was made. The study was conducted with the SmogHog® (with PEACH® media) and an industry competitor oil mist collector. Each was measured on percent of particles captured, including particle sizes from 0.5µm to 10.0µm.

After testing the particle and humidity discharge from both mist collectors, the SmogHog PEACH primary filter was the most effective in every category of comparison. Concerning efficiency, SmogHog and the PEACH media technology beat the competition by 40 percentage points


Following the engineering study, SmogHog SHM-08C Advanced Media Mist Collectors were ordered and installed on each heavy mist-producing machine. The advanced control option was selected by the customer to enable tuning of fan speed for the leanest possible operation, as well as placing the controls at eye level for the operators instead of being out of sight and out of mind.

Replacing the inadequate mist collectors with tested, high quality SmogHog units has reduced the airborne contaminants generated by coolant and oils used during machining and metalworking processes. The employees are breathing clean air, manufacturing equipment is running better, and the shop is a cleaner work environment.

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