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SmogHog Tackles Excessive Coolant Mist

Overview: A contract manufacturing machine shop needed a mist collection solution that would adequately address the excessive amounts of coolant mist that were impacting the facility’s indoor air quality. Working mainly with aluminum, stainless steel, and specialty alloys, the shop does CNC precision machining and metal fabrication specializing in mechanics for aerospace optics and equipment […]

Absolent Units Provide Cleaner Facility for Medical Manufacturer

Overview: A leading orthopedic medical implant manufacturer in the southeastern United States needed a better system for the capture of oil mist and smoke. The company had used a variety of electrostatic filters for collection that were ineffective and actually contributed to an extremely unpleasant work environment. Problem: This medical manufacturer needed an effective filtration […]

Dust and Mist Collection – A Matter of Health

Industrial dust and mist are much more than a nuisance. Not only does dust and mist create an unclean workplace, many of the contaminants found in industrial dust and mist can have serious and detrimental effects on the health of people exposed to them. Health problems that are associated with industrial dust and mists can include: Eye, […]

Four SmogHog® Options for Efficient Mist Collection

Air Solutions offers a wide range of mist collectors to meet a variety of process challenges. We’re proud to offer the complete UAS line of Smog Hog® electrostatic precipitator mist collectors. These mist collectors have been relied upon throughout industry for years. They are known for providing cost-effective and dependable mist collection to meet the […]

Mist Collectors Clean Air at the Source

Providing clean air in metalworking processes, mist collectors are used in conjunction with machine tools to curtail the adverse effects of metalworking fluid exposure. Mist collection systems help companies comply with indoor air quality requirements and reduce maintenance costs. Liquid droplets 20 microns, or smaller, in diameter, are considered mist. Mists typically include oil-based and […]

Weld and Fume Smoke Collectors Provide High Efficiency and Clean Air

An essential safety component in a wide variety of operations, fume smoke collectors are integrated into  processes such as welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining, and more. Effective collection systems manage both wet and dry smoke, and fumes from industrial emissions. Weld and fume smoke collectors are […]

PEACH® – The Most Complete Filtration Coalescing System Available

The most trusted and respected name in industrial mist and smoke collection, the SmogHog® is the leader in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. PEACH technology lies at the heart of the SmogHog SHM Media Mist collector. This advanced design delivers high efficiency, longer filter life, and low-pressure drop over time. What does this mean for […]