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Smog Hog Provides Emulsion Mist Extraction for CNC Machines

Overview: A company that operates a variety of CNC machining and milling centers needed to find a solution for removing the hazardous emulsion mist created during the machining processes. The company manufactures gears for drive technology and high-quality structural steel cupped shears using workpieces that are cooled, purged and lubricated with water-soluble cooling lubricants (emulsions). […]

Clean Air Solutions for Weld and Fume Smoke

Regulatory health organizations worldwide work to address the prevention of health risks associated with fumes and smoke generated during metalworking and other industrial processes. Exposure regulations and standards such as OSHA are rigorously enforced to minimize worker exposure to the hazardous contaminants present in weld and fume smoke. Ventilation is just one method of mitigating […]

Effective Welding Fume Management for Large Scale Applications

It is essential to manage weld fume to promote worker safety and energy efficiency. In many cases, this is highly complicated due to the size or dimension of the part being welded. Additional challenges may include the layout of the facility, other equipment occupying space in the welding process area, and other work environment challenges. […]

Weld and Fume Smoke Collectors Provide High Efficiency and Clean Air

An essential safety component in a wide variety of operations, fume smoke collectors are integrated into  processes such as welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining, and more. Effective collection systems manage both wet and dry smoke, and fumes from industrial emissions. Weld and fume smoke collectors are […]

New SmogHog® Media Mist Collector is a PEACH of a System

When it comes to clean air solutions in tough environments like metalworking operations, there is no better known name than SmogHog®. Air Solutions is proud to partner with this trusted innovator in mist collection technologies for effective air cleaning and machine fluid recycling applications. The new SmogHog SHM is a self-contained mist collector that can […]

A Mist Collection System Designed for Overseas Travel

A Fortune 500 company approached Air Solutions for a packaged solution to an oil mist emissions problem. The customer had prior experience with United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) SMOG-HOG electrostatic precipitation (ESP) equipment, but wanted a system that was skid mounted and offered dual mist collection units and a bypass feature that could be operated […]