New SmogHog® Media Mist Collector is a PEACH of a System

When it comes to clean air solutions in tough environments like metalworking operations, there is no better known name than SmogHog®. Air Solutions is proud to partner with this trusted innovator in mist collection technologies for effective air cleaning and machine fluid recycling applications. The new SmogHog SHM is a self-contained mist collector that can be mounted directly on a machining center or remotely mounted and connected to a single or multiple machines with ducting.

The SHM mist collector features PEACH Saturated Depth Coalescing™ media technology. This innovative media design has an open 3-D depth matrix structure that lets liquids saturate the media depth and grow to fullest potential. When the droplet is ready, it drains with gravity, all while maintaining a low differential pressure. This media is a 100% proprietary synthetic media engineered specifically for capturing and draining oil mist and coolant contaminants. Its multi-layered design includes a special, thermally bonded gradient density fiber structure so the media remains strong, but open during operation for peak performance. The SHM can be ordered with PEACH coalescing filter cartridges  or fiberglass envelope bags are available as an option..

In addition to advanced filtration, the SHM mist collector offers the advantage of new machine control technology. A bright, interactive touchscreen controller makes these mist collectors easier than ever to operate and monitor, while reducing maintenance time.

  • Monitors filter pressure drop for primary and after-filters while signaling need for filter change
  • Provides external communication options for integration into remote alarms, PLCs, and more
  • NEMA 4X / IP65 rated providing the dependability needed in harsh manufacturing environments

Easy service and maintenance are added benefits that come with the SmogHog SHM mist collector. This system was engineered with service and reliable operation in mind. Easy, no-tool filter change and simplified filter removal are just a few advantages that will save you time and money associated with maintenance and operation. Configuration flexibility is always available, with each system custom engineered to meet your specific requirements, saving time and money during installation as well as promoting optimal performance.

To learn more about the SmogHog SHM media mist collector, contact the team at Air Solutions. We are excited to offer this new product to our clients throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.