Smog Hog Provides Emulsion Mist Extraction for CNC Machines


A company that operates a variety of CNC machining and milling centers needed to find a solution for removing the hazardous emulsion mist created during the machining processes. The company manufactures gears for drive technology and high-quality structural steel cupped shears using workpieces that are cooled, purged and lubricated with water-soluble cooling lubricants (emulsions).


The CNC machining and milling centers used in these high speed metalworking operations require cooling lubricants to cool the workpiece during the cutting procedure, lubricate the contact surface, and remove any arising chippings through “purging”. Through the rotation and energy input, the cooling lubricant forms an aerosol mist, which is extremely hazardous to the health and safety of those working in the area. A solution was needed to manage the problem of CNC machining emulsion mist and improve the air quality at the production facility.


Smog Hog SHN SGN Series

A central extraction system was determined to be the best solution for this project. While the system required a higher initial cost for piping and assembly, advantages included a central point for maintenance and exhaust air operation in the summer and a recirculated air operation in the winter to save heating costs.

A SmogHog ESP two-staged electrostatic filter was installed to reliably filter out harmful substances and emulsion mist, such as aerosols. This system offered the customer an approximately 15% reserve for production expansions.

Although initially skeptical about an electrostatic filter solution, after visiting a comparable system nearby and reviewing independent measurements, the customer decided to go with the SmogHog system.

Advantages of the SmogHog ESP System:

  • Higher filtration efficiency of oil and emulsion aerosols – even for the smallest particles
  • Lower energy consumption due to the low pressure losses of the filter system
  • No disposable parts and no need to dispose of the filtering media (hazardous waste)
  • Equipment design is customized to the user’s needs

Key Technical Data:

  • Product SH 60/T with two electrostatic stages in series
  • Suction output under operating conditions: 7063 CFM
  • Power consumption of ventilator: 10 HP
  • Filter weight: approx. 1984 LBS
  • Filter surface:  1680 Sq. Ft.
  • Pressure loss of filter: 0.60″ W.C.
  • Max. process temperature: 140°F


The client is very satisfied with the performance and maintenance requirements of the system, especially since they are able to clean the filter elements on-site and reuse the filter inserts.

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