Drying Solutions from Air Solutions and Paxton Products

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Air Solutions partners with Paxton Products to offer high performance air delivery systems that are custom engineered to optimize drying and blow off of products and components. Offering the benefit of over 50 years of industry expertise, combined with the strong global foundation of ITW, Paxton Products is the preferred supplier for drying and blow-off applications around the world.

Paxon Products Systems Meet a Wide Range of Needs

Paxton air systems bring the highest efficiency to a variety of industrial applications. Combining a high efficiency centrifugal blower with custom engineered air delivery devices, Paxton air systems deliver outstanding performance.

  • Drying: shears off water and other liquids, leaving a clean, dry surface
  • Blow Off: removes dirt, shavings, sawdust, coatings, solvents
  • Convey: moves and sorts parts, capsules, frozen foods and more
  • Hold Down: in vacuum mode, holds down fabrics, wood, and plastics

Paxon - Air Knives

Paxon blowers and air delivery devices offer superior energy efficiency and performance for applications involving drying, coating, conveying, and blowing off debris.

Nozzle Manifolds – ideal for applications that require a greater than standard distance between the air source and the surface to be blown off or dried

Inline Manifolds – ideal for drying the tops or bottoms of cans, jars, and other containers thoroughly, prior to date coding or other packaging operations

Uno Nozzle – provides targeted airflow for a small target. Designed to replace a single compressed air nozzle remote from a larger air delivery device

Spyder Manifold – effective for drying tops, sides and under the rim of cans, bottles and jars and available in 3 sizes

Air Knives – Available in both aluminum and 304 stainless steel, and designed to give maximum efficiency for high velocity drying and blow off applications

Air Halo – designed to provide 360 degree drying of materials on a conveyor system, this system is ideal for irregularly shaped products

Paxon - Spyder Manifold Drying System

Paxon Custom Air Systems Applications

  • Bottling & Canning
  • Extrusions
  • Electronics & Solar
  • Food Processing & Packaging
  • Industrial Products
  • Pharma, Medical & Nutra

Air Solutions is your dependable source for Paxton product solutions in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Our team will evaluate your application in terms of size, configuration, speed, and the amount of water or debris to be removed. We will then engineer an equipment solution with the air delivery that effectively and efficiently meets your requirements.