Five Things You Should Expect from an Industrial Air Handling Equipment Supplier

Everything today is about ease and convenience. We are all pretty used to searching the internet for whatever we need, clicking a button, and having it delivered to our doors. Buyers of business supplies and materials are also procuring goods through online purchases. But is this really an option for industrial equipment? When industrial buyers need a source for industrial air handling equipment like fans and blowers, or dust collection systems, they should be concerned with much more than a convenient purchase.

Smart buyers look for more of a partnership with their industrial supplier. The purchase of the equipment is just part of a process that should begin with knowledgeable application evaluation, and extend beyond the purchase, with expert product and system support.

Below we explore five key things you should expect from an industrial air handling equipment supplier, and why those things are important.

1. Specialization in Industrial Air Pollution Control Components

Look for a supplier that not only represents quality manufacturers but also offers you extensive experience in applications involving ventilation and air pollution control systems, fans, blowers, dust collectors, and related equipment. A seasoned supplier will be up-to-date on the industry’s latest innovations, but also experienced in the development of field-tested systems.

2. Ability to Develop Customized Solutions

In many cases, off-the-shelf products and standard catalog packages do not provide the most effective and efficient solution for an application. Your supplier should be able to work with you to design equipment and systems to address your specific challenges. Authorized manufacturer representatives can usually offer equipment with custom features at cost effective pricing.

3. Volume Pricing Discounts

When a project can be completed with standard equipment, manufacturer authorized suppliers can often provide customers the benefit of substantial project savings through volume pricing. A reputable and experienced supplier can be expected to optimize project budgets in every way possible in order to deliver the best return on investment for their customers.

4. Comprehensive Customer Service and Project Support

While pricing is critical to keeping a project within budget, it is important to also factor in the value of a supplier that is interested in more than a one time sale. Your industrial air equipment supplier should deliver not only the best equipment at competitive prices, but also provide comprehensive application support. Expect a good supplier to offer you guidance in the development phase of your project, and to support you with service after the installation.

5. Interest in Developing a Long Term, Trusted Relationship

When purchasing industrial air handling equipment, it is important to find a reputable supplier with which you can develop a trusted, long-term relationship. A locally focused supplier will be better able to meet your needs for all projects, but particularly in emergency situations when you can’t afford down time. A dependable supplier will not only quickly respond to your needs but also understand your business and be better positioned to help you develop workable and affordable solutions.

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