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Electrostatic Precipitator Advantages

Clean air goals can be accomplished efficiently and effectively with electrostatic precipitators. The United Air Specialists (UAS) SMOG-HOG is the industry’s most recognized line of electrostatic precipitators. They provide reliable air filtration and oil removal that leaves no grease or smoke particle behind.  Offering 95% efficiency on mist, smoke, and fume removal, UAS Smog-Hog electrostatic […]

When Indoor Air Quality Suffers In Industrial Environments, So Does Productivity

Owners and managers of today’s industrial facilities are more focused on environmental issues than ever before. Steps are being taken to improve energy efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance, which is environmentally responsible but also awards cost-saving advantages to the business. While a focus on these areas is important, the topic of indoor air quality is […]

Four SmogHog® Options for Efficient Mist Collection

Air Solutions offers a wide range of mist collectors to meet a variety of process challenges. We’re proud to offer the complete UAS line of Smog Hog® electrostatic precipitator mist collectors. These mist collectors have been relied upon throughout industry for years. They are known for providing cost-effective and dependable mist collection to meet the […]

Efficient Delivery of High Air Volumes with Large BI Industrial Fans

Efficient Delivery of High Air Volumes with Large BI Industrial Fans Daniels Fans, a division of Cincinnati Fan, serves a variety of application needs with flexible line of standard industrial backward inclined bladed fans in both direct drive and belt drive. The BI backward inclined blowers offer high air volumes and high efficiency operation.

Effective Welding Fume Management for Large Scale Applications

It is essential to manage weld fume to promote worker safety and energy efficiency. In many cases, this is highly complicated due to the size or dimension of the part being welded. Additional challenges may include the layout of the facility, other equipment occupying space in the welding process area, and other work environment challenges. […]

NFPA & Combustible Dust Management

Do you have combustible dusts in your operation? A critical new National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) development is on the horizon. It is essential that all businesses and facilities that have combustible dust are prepared for the changes. NFPA 652 was issued in 2015, setting a new standard on the fundamentals of combustible dust. This […]

Electrostatic Precipitators – A Unique & Effective Clean Air Solution

Electrostatic precipitators offer a highly effective way to achieve clean air goals. The UAS SMOG-HOG is the industry’s most well-known line of electrostatic precipitators, which are not only used for air filtration, but also for oil removal that leaves no grease or smoke particle behind. UAS Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators keep factory air clean and processes […]

Weld and Fume Smoke Collectors Provide High Efficiency and Clean Air

An essential safety component in a wide variety of operations, fume smoke collectors are integrated into  processes such as welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining, and more. Effective collection systems manage both wet and dry smoke, and fumes from industrial emissions. Weld and fume smoke collectors are […]

NEW DustHog® Features Advanced Filtration Technologies

Remember the DustHog®? This hard-working system has been relied upon for decades as a proven solution for separating dust and other particulate substances from discharged smoke. For today’s market, a newly enhanced version of the DustHog has been reintroduced in a new generation dust collection product line. This expanded offering allows for a more precise […]