Electrostatic Precipitator Advantages

Electrostatic PrecipitatorClean air goals can be accomplished efficiently and effectively with electrostatic precipitators. The United Air Specialists (UAS) SMOG-HOG is the industry’s most recognized line of electrostatic precipitators. They provide reliable air filtration and oil removal that leaves no grease or smoke particle behind. 

Offering 95% efficiency on mist, smoke, and fume removal, UAS Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators are the ideal solution for keeping factory air clean and processes running optimally. Unlike bag and box filters that only remove larger particles, electrostatic precipitators control both large and microscopic particulate, removing it from the air stream and collecting it on grounded collection plates.  This results in a clean air stream that contains virtually no oil mist, grease or hazardous particles, keeping your employees safe and your business in compliance with the strictest federal, state and local environmental regulatory standards.

Electrostatic precipitators produce continuous airflow, unlike barrier filters, which can become clogged and ineffective. The washable cells of electrostatic precipitators eliminate the need for expensive filter replacements. The absence of filter waste is environmentally responsible and leads to substantial cost savings.

UAS Smog-Hog Electrostatic Precipitator Advantages at a Glance:

  • Compliance with OSHA air quality standards by capturing hazardous pollutants
  • Consistent airflow is maintained at all times to provide on-going clean air circulation
  • Enhanced employee safety and productivity with a cleaner work environment
  • Quieter and more economical operation with low horsepower per CFM
  • Reduced energy costs and make-up air requirements up to 80%
  • Eliminate filter replacement expense and disposal with reusable collection components
  • Maintenance costs are reduced since smoke and mist grime no longer need to be cleaned from equipment and work surfaces
  • Reclamation of costly resources such as cutting oils, lubricants, coolants and plasticizers
  • Flexible installation options accommodate jobsite requirements, such as lack of floor space

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