Efficient Delivery of High Air Volumes with Large BI Industrial Fans

Efficient Delivery of High Air Volumes with Large BI Industrial FansEfficient Delivery of High Air Volumes with Large BI Industrial Fans

Daniels Fans, a division of Cincinnati Fan, serves a variety of application needs with flexible line of standard industrial backward inclined bladed fans in both direct drive and belt drive. The BI backward inclined blowers offer high air volumes and high efficiency operation.

These fans are available in aluminum and stainless steel construction, with specification options including AMCA, A, B and C spark resistant construction.

Backward Inclined Fans Performance Range

  • Volume – Up to 150,000 CFM / 255,000 m3/h
  • Static Pressure – Up to 22.5″ @ 70°F / 570mm @ 20°C
  • Maximum Temperature – 750°F / 400°C

Backward Inclined Fans Design/Construction

  • Type – Centrifugal Backward Inclined Blades
  • Diameters – 40 to 60 inches / 1016 to 1524mm

Backward Inclined Fans Applications

Dust Collection – Daniels Fans BI industrial fans work with your dust collection system to meet a broad range of air filtration requirements. Examples of critical dust collection applications include grain and food processioning, weld fume and smoke, wood processing mills, and mining operations. BI industrial fans help dust collection and baghouse dust systems operate efficiently while meeting OSHA and EPA regulations.

Combustion Air – Combustion air is necessary for burning fuels like oil, gas, and wood in processes involving furnaces, boilers, and similar equipment. Stable and consistent air flow is needed to optimize the entire air combustion system. The dependable, high-performance operation of Daniels Fans BI industrial fans is ideal for combustion air applications.

General Ventilation – Daniels Fans BI industrial fans work dependably in general ventilation applications to supply the air flow needed to meet regulatory requirements and provide a healthy, comfortable work environment.

Oven and Drying Systems – Recirculating ovens require a sufficient air flow as determined by the consistent temperatures required for the application. Daniels Fans BI industrial fans supply the necessary air flow to assure efficient and effective drying processes.

To learn more about how Daniels Fans backward inclined fans can provide effective and efficient performance in your specific application, contact the team at Air Solutions.