Case Study: Clean and Comfortable Air for RV Manufacturing Plant

Case Study Vanleigh RV


Air Solutions was approached for assistance by Vanleigh RV, a manufacturer of high-end fifth wheel motorhomes. The issue facing the manufacturer was the need for a make-up air solution for their new plant paint booth operations. They also needed comfort heating solution for the plant. Air Solutions was able to access the situation and provide an effective and cost-efficient solution.


The exhaust system used for spraying operations in a paint booth would be drawing substantial quantities of air out of the plant. These volumes would need to be replenished with equal volumes of air coming into the booth. There was the need for a plant heating solution to provide a healthy and comfortable work environment for Vanleigh RV employees.


Air Solutions provided two Aerovent Direct Natural Gas Fired 100% outside air units, one of which was a variable air volume unit to help maintain space pressure control inside the plant. This air make-up unit was installed to create positive air pressure to counter the negative air pressure created by the booth exhaust fans.


The installation of the Aerovent units has resulted in an effective make-up air solution offering the Vanleigh RV facility a variety of benefits. More uniform temperatures are maintained throughout the plant without overheated areas or cold, drafty areas. Efficiency is increased because exhaust systems are able to operate at designed capacity, eliminating the need for additional equipment. Air contaminants are also substantially eliminated, promoting an environment that is healthier for employees and safer for the proper functioning of equipment.