3 Benefits of Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Increasing emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency has made natural ventilation an attractive option for plant and facility HVAC design. Natural ventilation allows companies to use less fuel for heating and cooling, which in turn is better for the environment. These are not the only advantages provided by natural ventilation. Here are three additional natural ventilation benefits:

1. Reduced Equipment Cost

Mechanical solutions for HVAC requirements require significant amounts of equipment and space to sufficiently ventilate or air condition an indoor space. Natural ventilation requires much fewer mechanics and ducting. While natural ventilation does need some controls to function, there is much less space and financial investment required.

2. Lower Maintenance

Natural ventilation systems also lower long-term costs for businesses. Mechanical systems require costly ongoing maintenance, and also typically require reconditioning or replacement every 15 to 20 years. Natural ventilation equipment lasts significantly longer, and when equipment replacement is needed, the components usually cost much less.

3. Improved Work Environment

Fresh air and natural lighting can do much to improve the work environment. These free resources are abundantly available when using natural ventilation. While mechanically controlled climates, for the most part, cannot be easily adapted to suit individual comfort, natural ventilation can provide employees with the option to open windows for fresh air. Systems can also be designed to allow sunlight to provide facility lighting. These benefits can make the work environment much more enjoyable for employees.

Whether or not natural ventilation will be a good solution for your facility will depend on the building, equipment used, as well as the materials involved in your processes. For some operations, a combination of natural ventilation and air management technology may provide the optimal solution.

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