Clean Air Solutions for Weld and Fume Smoke

Ultra-High Efficiency Filter System (UHF)
Regulatory health organizations worldwide work to address the prevention of health risks associated with fumes and smoke generated during metalworking and other industrial processes. Exposure regulations and standards such as OSHA are rigorously enforced to minimize worker exposure to the hazardous contaminants present in weld and fume smoke.

Ventilation is just one method of mitigating smoke and fume exposure. However, the heat involved in some processes means that the particulate can remain suspended in the ambient air space around the work area, rendering ventilation alone ineffective. Properly designed weld and fume smoke system solutions offer protection for employees, equipment, and workstations from contamination.

Fume extraction systems are highly effective for protecting industrial work environments that are continuously subjected to dangerous fumes and gases. A wide range of source capture methods are available, such as fume extractor arms, overhead hoods, and backdraft hoods. Depending on your application, a clean air weld and fume smoke solution might include fume extractor arms or a whole shop fume extraction system to effectively manage fumes and smoke from processes such as welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining, and more.

As a specialist in air moving applications and equipment, Air Solutions has extensive experience in the development of weld and fume smoke collector applications for a variety of industrial environments. Our team partners with the best names in weld and fume smoke collection equipment to offer you the best quality and innovation:

United Air Specialists

  • Energy Efficient SFC Series
  • SCA/SCB Ceiling-Mounted Dust Collectors
  • SCB Extraction Arms
  • VCC Dust and Oil Mist Collectors
  • Portable PCT
  • W Series Systems
  • SDB Downdraft Bench
  • ESP Mist/Fume Collectors
  • Smog-Hog® Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Smog-Hog® PCN Portable Mist Collector

APC Tech

  • Ultra High-Efficiency Filter systems (UHF®) )

Cincinnati Fan

  • Portable Fume Exhauster-Blowers
  • Portable Fume Exhauster-Blowers

Air Solutions works hard to assess and analyze your specific needs and work environment to develop the right weld and fume smoke collection system to meet your needs.