Creating a More Productive and Profitable Environment

industrial air pollution controlWhen it comes to air pollution control, manufacturers and businesses have been largely focused on achieving regulatory compliance and improving energy efficiencies. In the process of implementing air pollution solutions to achieve these goals,owners and managers of today’s industrial facilities are noticing an added benefit – a more productive and profitable workforce.

Research has shown that indoor air quality (IAQ) has a significant impact on employee health and well-being. Not only are facilities with poor IAQ less desirable for employees to work in, they can also be more costly for the business owners. According to UL research,

“Today, 14 percent of healthcare costs are driven by conditions related to Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), including asthma and allergies; headaches; respiratory disease; eye, nose and throat irritation; reproductive and developmental defects; neurological disease; cardiovascular disease; and some forms of cancer. Poor IEQ in commercial buildings can lower worker productivity, while conversely improving IEQ can significantly reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.”

Indoor air quality can be effected by many things. Conditions that may impede the flow of fresh air coming into a facility might include:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Temperature control problems
  • High or low humidity
  • Recent remodeling
  • Process expansion

In an industrial setting, indoor air quality can also be seriously compromised by the presence of certain contaminants such as chemical solvents, machining solutions, and process dusts. Specific challenges are often involved in dealing with these elements. In developing an indoor air quality solution that will improve well-being and productivity, it is necessary for an experienced expert to carefully analyze air quality to design an effective air pollution control system.

Air Solutions is highly experienced in developing indoor air quality solutions for a diverse range of processes and environments. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to build the most effective HVAC systems and reliable industrial dust and mist collection systems available to assure the best possible levels of indoor air quality.

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