Door Air Heaters Beat Overhead Door Big Chill

As thoughts turn to the long winter season ahead, many businesses are considering ways to maintain facility heat and comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency.  Door air heaters help facilities effectively and economically maintain indoor temperature while using overhead doors during cold temperatures.

Air Solutions partners with Aerovent to offer a reliable line of overhead door air heaters. Aerovent Automatic Door Air Heaters manage the sudden blast of cold air that results from the opening of an overhead industrial door or dock door. In order to integrate hot and cold air, a highly turbulent condition directly in front of the door must be generated. The door air heater sends a high velocity burst of hot air to blend with the sudden influx of cold air and cut through it and bounce back from the floor. While most unit heaters and slotted duct systems lack the power necessary to completely break through mass of cold air, Aerovent door air heaters are powerful enough to provide heat instantaneously.

An Aerovent door air heater is always ready to go. Once the door is raised far enough to activate the switch, the fan is activated and full heat is delivered with no warm-up or delay. Once the door is closed, the heat and fan shut of simultaneously. To save energy, the unit operates only when auxiliary heat is needed.

Each heater is completely assembled, factory adjusted and comes as a package ready for connection to electrical supply and fuel line. Installation is simple; no adjustments are necessary to place it in operation.

Two standard door air heaters are available, and offer a wide selection of heating capacities:

6200 CFM Outlet velocity: 3500 FPM Designed for a 12’ x 12’ door opening
4100 CFM Outlet velocity: 2300 FPM Designed for smaller doors/low clearance areas

Natural or Propane Gas:

  • “N” models are designed to operate on natural gas or a 1300 Btu propane-air mixture. “P” models are for use on propane gas only.
  • “P” models burners are not suitable for natural gas.

Safety Features:

  • Flame supervised by an electronic protector safety relay
  • Velocity monitor measures airflow through venturi
  • High limit switch eliminates danger of accidental overheating
  • Additional operating control system components are panel mounted in a NEMA 12 dust resistant enclosure
  • Wiring and control strips clearly marked; electrical layout and design meets NEC Standards

To learn more details and find out if a door air heater is the right choice to meet your needs, contact the knowledgeable Air Solutions team.