Fiberglass Fans Meet Corrosive Challenges

Fiberglass Fan

When a process or application involves corrosive chemicals, high humidity, or wet conditions, a fiberglass fan can be an excellent choice to meet the challenge. Fiberglass fans deliver dependable performance in the most punishing environments.

Fiberglass is a lightweight, plastic material, which is reinforced with glass fiber. Characteristics such as strength and flexibility make fiberglass ideal for molding into a variety of components. Inherently weather-resistant, fiberglass can be developed with different surface characteristics for building equipment that is suited for specific application needs.

The conventional choice for corrosive environments and applications such has material handling has traditionally been stainless steel fans. Fiberglass fans offer a cost-efficient alternative to stainless steel fans in that they have a lower cost up front, but also provide long-term performance for extended cost savings. In most cases fiberglass fans provide better performance than fans made from special alloys when it comes to handling air streams that are especially corrosive to metals. Whereas coated steel fans offer surface corrosion resistance, fiberglass fans provide resistance throughout the fan’s entire construction. Also, fiberglass does not have the same high risk of a pin-hole fault occurring during application or damage as coated fans. Even a pinhole fault can lead to corrosive forces attacking and compromising the base material.

Another advantage offered by fiberglass is safety. Fiberglass has electrical insulation and dissipation properties, which make fiberglass fans well-suited for use in spark resistant applications. When it comes to applications requiring both corrosion resistance and spark resistance, fiberglass fans provide an ideal choice.

When considering fans for replacements or new installations, factors to consider include performance, service life, and long term efficiency. Fiberglass is a fan material that is suitable for many applications, with characteristics that meet the toughest material handling and environmental challenges.

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