Air Solutions Provides Optimal Dust Collection System for Pipe Manufacturer

Imperial Systems CMAXX cartridge dust collector
An Arkansas pipe manufacturer for water, gas, oilfield, and industrial markets in the United States and internationally contacted Air Solutions by the way of a south AR contractor with a dust collection system requirement. The end user chose Air Solutions to work with due in part to the knowledgeable and experienced expertise they were able to demonstrate during the survey process, as compared with the competition.

The pipe manufacturer needed a new dust collector to replace an existing system. They asked Air Solutions to quote a 9,000 CFM dust collector and provided addition details. These specifications were based on the assessment and quote they had received from a competitor.

Rather than simply use the information provided, Air Solutions requested the opportunity to conduct a new survey upon which to base our calculations, per our standard process. Permission was granted and it was discovered that the customer actually needed an 11,000 CFM air flow rate as well as Air Bleed-In-Ports on most all of the machine connections.

Also discovered during the site survey was an abundance of steel shot and other media lost from their abrasive cleaning system. This round, marble-shaped material had accumulated on the floor. The duct system for the current collector had single slide gates without air-bleeds, so the duct were filling up with good material. Not only did the material create a safety hazard in the facility, the duct was in eminent danger of collapse, due to the weight of the materials.

Air Solutions’ regional manager provided the customer with a detailed analysis and a quote for a system that would safely, effectively, and efficiently meet their needs.

To address the problem of the cleaning material coming from the abrasive tumbler machines, special consideration was given to the capture points. Parts are loaded into a chamber that rotates and moves as the cleaning media is introduced to clean the steel. Capture points include the bucket elevator, feeder hoppers, and machine cabinet. Since the pollution control measures built into the abrasive cleaning machines were inadequate, the new Air Solutions system had to provide accommodations for this problem.

The new system was installed with an integrated energy-saving control panel and set it up to run at 48 Hz. 11,000 CFM 5.28”. An Imperial Systems’ CMAXX cartridge dust collector was used for the application. The system’s Cincinnati Fan was designed for dirty filter condition total static pressure of 12” w.c. The air-bleed on the new system allows the customer to control the amount of dust emissions, and also safely recapture the cleaning material. The air-bleed introduces atmospheric air into the same duct connected to the machine which will allow for good flow rate and conveying velocities within the system.
Imperial Systems CMAXX cartridge dust collector next to outdated dust collectorInterior dust collection system